کودتای خونین ۱۳۳۲ در ایران

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By Hasse-Nima Golkar

The anniversary of the common bloody state coup ”Operation Ajax” on August 19, 1953, by the United States’ CIA and the United Kingdom’s MI6, against the Mohammad Mosaddeq’s government in Iran:

The dictator Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi returned to the power of the absolute monarchy and thus totally opposed the constitutional law that the Iranian people enacted in the democratic bourgeois constitutional revolution of 1905.

The deposed Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq, born May 19, 1882, was placed under house arrest in the Karaj, western of Tehran, until his last breath – March 5, 1967 – and the Shah’s corrupt socio-economic system dragged the country into a politically ruined situation which was resulting in the emergence of a fascist Shia Islamic Caliphate state under the leadership of the bloodthirsty dictator Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, on February 11, 1979.

In the international socio-economic and political situations of the bipolar world and at the height of the Cold War between two capitalist superpowers, the United States (Market Economy) and the Soviet Union (State Economy), no one could stand the national movement of the Iranian oil industry and the Mosaddeq government.

Mohammad Mosaddeq was a skilled lawyer and talented politician but without an effective organization. He was a secular reformist who was more afraid of a social revolution than the reactionary forces in the Iranian society.

Mohammad Mosaddeq’s last defense speech after the coup in the Shah’s military court:

“… Yes, my guilt and the greatest sins are that I have nationalized Iran’s oil industry, ruled out colonialism and the world’s largest empire with its political-economic influence… I’m not sorry about what they have done against me, and I am sure I have done as much as I could have of my historical obligation. My life and yours, or anyone else’s, will sooner or later end, but what remains is the life and pride of a vulnerable and unjustly treated nation”.


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