پرچم سه رنگ شیر و خورشید نشان، نماینده ی نظرات اکثریت قاطع مردم ایران نمی باشد

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The tricolor flag (green-white-red) with the Lion & Sun symbol does not represent most of the views of the Iranian people.

Let’s stop being misleading and not insinuate that this flag has been approved by most people who live in Iran’s current political geography. The real and not fictional history of the last one hundred and seventy-four years proves that it has been the case, and it still applies in this way.

This tricolor flag with its patriarchal symbol since its revelation – which some people are broad to “sacrifice their lives for it” – without the slightest doubt, has always been the symbol of the patriarchal (misogynistic) kings, the exploitative ruling class, authoritarian, despots, feudal and capitalist dictators, and have always been accepted and approved by their small and great political representatives and defenders in the non-popular parliaments, unless we falsely claim that in the history of this country all those kings and their parliaments have been freedom-minded, egalitarian-minded and democratic-minded. And whatever they have approved (including the flag) has carried with it most of the votes of the exploited and oppressed people!!??

In one sentence: This tricolor flag with the lion and the sun symbol, it has been the symbol and representative of those patriarchal kings, plunderers and exploiters, who, together with the entire ruling class, have carried out and still carry out an unequal socio-economic and cultural policy against most of the working people residing in Iran.

It is natural that each individual and group can have their own flag and symbol, but the choice of each flag and symbol as a representative unit of the absolutely overwhelming majority of the people residing in the political geography of Iran shall be made in the future, after the overthrow of the ruling medieval fascist state, the so-called “Islamic Republic of Iran”. This must be reviewed, proposed and with the presence of all the working people’s exchange of views approved in the “New confederate democratic self-management councils”. No other way is acceptable.

With reference in hand, all these three kinds of flags with different symbols have existed since 1898 and after the victory of the constitutional monarchist movement (1905), the tricolor flag with the lion and the sun symbol was decided in the first and second term of the “National Assembly Council”. It is said that there have been lively discussions between parliamentarians and powerful mullahs regarding the choice of colors and symbols, but in the end, they agree on the tricolor SHIA ISLAMIC FLAG with its associated lion and sun. And in this way, for the first time, “Iran’s flag” was officially chosen as a symbol of “independence and national sovereignty”.

In the year 1957, during the imperial rule of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the tricolor flag with lion, sun and crown was specified in various detailed dimensions by the then Prime Minister (Manouchehr Eqbal) together with a delegation consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Ministry of War.

It should be pointed out that after the Khomeini regime’s seizure of power in 1979, none of these flags have ever been raised inside Iran in any of the revolutionary protests, especially during the recent Woman-Life-Freedom uprising.

The Federation of Anarchism Era (Media Section)


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