The Engineered Electoral Circus in Iran

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By Hasse-Nima Golkar


In Iran, the “Guardian Council” has disqualified several heavyweights governmental candidates such as Ali Larijani – former speaker of the parliament for 12 years – and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – former president for 8 years – from participating in the thirteenth Engineered Electoral Circus. They both have been the closest men to the 83 years old religious leader Ali Khamenei. But if nothing unforeseen happens, EBRAHIM RAISI can be appointed “president” like magician’s conjuring show on June 18, 2021
EBRAHIM RAISI, born in 1960, the notorious genocidal man and fundamentalist who is supposed to take over the decorative presidency chair from another genocidal man and current president, HASSAN ROUHANI, born in 1948. The fabricated and engineered “election” in more than 40 years of a fascist Shia-Islamic system has been only a game for the gallery. The real political-economic power has always been at the disposal of the “Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps” (IRGC) as the extended military arm for both the religious leaders Ruhollah Khomeini and his deputy Ali Khamenei.
Ebrahim Raisi has spent most of his disgraceful and catastrophic life in the judiciary to this day. Therefore, he has had great responsibility for imprisoning, torture, and executing thousands of dissidents. Some of his area of political responsibility in brief are:
– Prosecutor of Karaj city, the western suburb of the capital Tehran and Hamadan province, 320 kilometers west of Tehran, 1981 at 21 years old!!
– Deputy prosecutor of Tehran, 1985
– Member of the “Death Committee” summer 1988, following Ayatollah Khomeini’s direct command about “THE KILLING IN THE HARDEST AND BRUTALLY WAY OF ALL OPPOSITIONS” in all of the country’s prisons, which this fascist sentence resulted in several thousands of executions of political and conscientious prisoners of all genders, adults, and children in the summary trials, for one to three minutes with one to three questions. Most of the bodies have been buried in secret mass graves across Iran.
– Prosecutor of the Revolution, 1989
– Chief of the inspectorate authority, 1994 – 2004
– First Deputy Chief Justice, 2004 – 2014
– Attorney General, 2014 – 2016
– Member of the Assembly of (Leadership) Experts, 2016
– Head of the Judiciary, 2018
– Decorative President, 18 June 2021, appointed by the IRGC & Ali Khamenei.

The spread of general discontent and popular uprisings in recent years and the regime’s harsh and bloody oppression of the working people clearly show that many people are reluctant to participate in this predestined “presidential election.” Iran’s deeply crisis society that will previously be pregnant with new events will seriously jeopardize the corrupt and catastrophic life of Iran’s fascist Shia Islamic regime.
Because the anarchists do not believe in any state and parliament in any form and context, we want to overthrow them. That is why we do not allow ourselves to take part in any parliamentary elections. We are struggling for the construction of libertarian socialism in a self-management council society.

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