Solidarity with prosecuted comrades in the case of revolutionary self-defense

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In October 2019, a armed robbery took place in the centre of Athens, where our comrade Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis

 was accidentally injured by the bullet of Kalashikov that was carried by his partner in the robbery.


In november 2019, the counter-terrorist units of greek state started a operation, which a few houses of comrades were raided, including a house in the centre of athens, where a numbers of weapons and struggle’s tools were found. The counter-terrorist units compared the found weapons with a weapon that was used in the past in a revolutionary actions that the revolutionary self-defense organisation took responsibility for it; so the state claimed that all the found weapons and struggle’s tools were for the organisation of revolutionary self-defense. In the second wave of state repression against revolutionaries, the house of a few other comrades, including comrade Mirto.S was also attacked, after which the house of comrade Abtin Parsa was attacked by anti-terrorist units too. During the anti-terrorist operation, comrade Vangelis Stathopoulos was arrested along with another friend, in accusation of being part of the revolutionary self-defense. It should be noted that comrade Mirto.S and the roomate of comrade Abtin Parsa were arrested as well but with a minor accusations that made them temporarily free.


After a year and a half detention of comrade Vangelis Stathopoulos and friend D.M, the sentences were announced on April 23, 2021 in the case of “Revolutionary Self-Defense.”


Vangelis Stathopoulos : 19 years without appeal


Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis : 16 years without appeal


D.M. 10 years with appeal


Comrade Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis in his political statement took responsibility for the weapons, and opposed the state’s claims that comrade and friend who were recently sentenced for 19 and 10 years were part of revolutionary self-defense. It should be noted that comrade Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis in a political statement made it clear that comrade Abtin Parsa also had no connection with the revolutionary self-defense. In 2020 the state’s media propaganda tried to link comrade Abtin Parsa with revolutionary self-defense, which comrade Abtin Parsa in a political statement made it clear that he had no contact with revolutionary self-defense.


We stand in solidarity with all comrades who were prosecuted in the case of revolutionary self-defense.


The Federation of Anarchism Era (local anarchist federation in so-called Iran and Afghanistan)

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