Recall by Gozareshgaran : For immediate &unconditionally freedom of detainees on December 2019 protests in Iran

14 دسامبر اخبار روز

Recall by Gozareshgaran

For immediate &unconditionally freedom of detainees on December 2019 protests in Iran

After courageous uprising and bloody red resistance in Iran, Hassan Rohani the president of Iran besides calling street protesters -who disagreed the increasing gas price- as disruptive, he also labels them as agents who are depending on foreigners and requested authorities after admitting process broadcast it in the government social Medias. Those who are familiar with such terminology and process of TV /video confess shows are well aware that using such scandalous and exposed manners are entirely based on physical and mental tortures which are known as incredible and invalid TV heritages of secret police (SAVAK) offormer monarchy regime which are transferred to SAVAMA the secret police of Khamenei and Islamic regime of Iran as TV shows. And now again Hassan Rohani guides and orders to apply tortures in detention centers and prisons. This order is against poor youth and laborers who loudly shout out their last voices about injustice and inequality on streets of Iran

In the process of these extensive protests by rebels and impatient people that hundreds of them were killed, thousands were injured and arrested in our country (IRAN), a new wave of torture and harassment has begun. Confessing through threatening, annoyance and torturing political prisoners always were tools applied by totalitarian and tyranny regimes. Calling and labeling hungry, unemployed people who are suffering from inflations, and youth who have no future at all as foreign agents, under such regime and situation that its response and reaction to any protest is only robbery, suppression and killing, is the most deplorable and deceptive charges by Islamic republic authorities and in particular Hassan Rohani

To Confess and torturing educated people and awake consciences in our society both in former monarchy regime and darker and bloodier Islamic regime has continued steadily. Hassan Rohany declared and emphasized on necessity of applying confess and torturing by ministry of information and secret foundations. Public opinions of militant Iranian people and international community have expressed their concerns about the fate and future of thousands detainees of these events recently

We political, social and artistic activists beside expression of our solidarity with victim families of the recent nationwide protests of December 2019, ask all awake consciences and foundations working to support political prisoners and basic human rights, to condemn the recent crackdown in Iran and object the condition of thousands of detainees in the jails in Iran


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Ali Pichgah – Labor activist

Amador Navidi – Political and media activists

ArdeshirMehrdad – political Analyst

Ahmad Azizpour – political activist

ArashKamangar – Political and media activists

Amin Bayat – political Analyst

Akbar Deylami – Labor activist

AsgharZeynodin – Political activist

Amir Mirzaian – Political activist and former political prisoner

Ali Mobaraki – Labor activist

Ali Damavandi – Political and media activists

Ali Satari – Political activist and former political prisoner

Abas TakloBighash – Political activist

Ali Rasouli – Political activist

ArdalanMahmoudi – Political activist

Abas Hashemi – Political activist

Amir Ali Motevali – Iranglobal

Abas Bigdeli – Political activist

Atoosa Rezazadeh – Political refugee and asylum defender

Ahmad Mohseni – Political refugee and cultural and artistic activist

Ahmad Etehadi

AzadehDrah –  Political and media activists

BagherEbrahimzadeh – Political activist and former political prisoner

BaharehSelki – Women’s rights activist and refugee advocate

Bahman Yousefi – political activist

Behzad Barkhodai – Labor activist

Bahram Soltani – human rights activist

Bahram Rahmani – Writer and political analyst

Behrooz Farahani – Labor activist

Behrouz Sooren – Political activist and former political prisoner

Behnam Changai – Labor activist

Bijan Saidpour – Political and media activists

Behrooz Mirzaian – Political activist

Dr. Zahra Shams

Daryoosh Shirvani – Cultural activist

DavoudAhmadloo – Political analyst

Ebrahim Rahmanian – Political analyst

Ebrahim Pouyan – Political analyst

Ebrahim Avokh – Political activist and former political prisoner and media activists

Ehsan Sabet – labor unions activist Farzaneh GeramiFariba Sabet – Activist of the women’s movement and former political prisonerFarhang Ghasemi – Writer and political analystFereydoon JavanmardiFarhad Rostami – Human rights activist and refugee advocateFereydoon ShahniMansouri – Political activistFarid Parsa – Political refugee and asylum defenderFatolah Khalili – Political activist and member of the Gutenberg Iranian Refugee AssociationFarnaz Emami – Women’s rights activist and Human rights activistFahimeh Sourian – Political activist Gholam Asgari – labor activist in exileGholam Reza Morshedian – musicianGolchin seyed Momeni – Women’s rights activist Hedayat Soltanzadeh – political analystHamid Reza Rahimi – Poet and satiristH. Riahi – Political activist and former political prisonerHasan Hesam – Poet and Political analystHasan Azizi – TranslatorHossein Naghpour – Political and media activistsHamid Jahanbakhsh – Political analystHelen Ashian – Women’s rights activist and Civil ActivistHossein Afsahi – Director and Political activistHossein Moghadam – Defender of the radical labor movement Iraj Heydari – Political activistIman Heydari – Political activist and defender of asylum Jaleh Sahand – Political activistJamshid Safapour – Labor activistJafar Amiri – Political activist and former political prisoner K. Alvand – political analystKitash Shams – Political activistKimia Rakhshani Mehr – Refugee Rights ActivistKambiz Gilani – Poet Mohsen Rezvani – Labor activistMehrafagh Moghimi Niaki – Political activist and former political prisonerMohsen Hesam – WriterManouchehrTaghavi Bayat – Political analyst and former professor at the universityMahboobeh Jahedifar – Women’s rights activist and Political activistMajid Darabeygi – Political activist and former political prisonerMajid MoshayediMahvash Rashidi Birgani – Women’s rights activist and refugee advocateMasoud Forouzesh Rad – Political activist and former political prisonerMohamad Reza Hadipour – Political activist and defender of asylumMehrdad Ahangar – Political activistMahsa Khanipour – Civil activist and women’s rights advocateMajid Falah – Political activistMohsen Izadi Amoli – Asylum DefenderMaria Nazari – Political activistManouchehr Golshan – Political activistMohamad Reza Ebrahim Babai – Political activistMehdi Safari – Human rights activist and Political activist Nasrin Ahmadi – Active Union ofNursesNahid Nazemi – Women’s rights activist and Political activistNader Sani – Teacher and political and social activistNooshafarin – defender of asylum and Human rights activistNarges Jalali – Women’s rights activist and Human rights activistNeda Noavar – Women’s rights activist Omid Mohamadieh – defender of asylum ParvinRiahi – Women’s rights activistParviz Mirmokri– PoetPordel Zare – Political activistPirooz Zoorchang – Political activist and former political prisoner Rasoul Shokati – Political activist and former political prisonerReza Bishetab – Poet Soraya Fatahi – Political activistSedigh Jahani – Labor activist and media activistSiamak Mehr ( Pour Shajari ) – Political activist and former political prisonerShahriar BordbarShervin Raha – Labor activistSaid Behbahani – Homeland Television DirectorSiamak Jahanbakhsh – Political activistSiamak Moayedzadeh – Labor activistSiavosh Abghari – Political activist and university professorSoraya Nazari – human rights activist and defender of asylumSedigheh Banivaheb – defender of asylumSina Mahdavian – Lawyer and human rights activist and refugee advocateSiavosh Shamsai – Political activistSiavosh Nazari – Political activistShahab Falahi – Political activist and defender of asylumSaid Shojai Vala – human rights activist and defender of asylum Tofigh Mohamadi – Political analystandAsylum-seekerTaghi Rouzbeh – Political analyst

Zahra Shirvieh – defender of asylum

Signed by organizations

Iranian Left Alliance Abroad

Iranian Refugee Association – Gutenberg

Che guevara  labor movement

Khayyam Cultural Center – Munich

Workers’ Solidarity Committee of Iran and Sweden

Association for the Defense of Political Prisoners of Conscience in Iran; Paris

United Front for Freedom, Justice and Equality

Coordination Council Against the Murder of the Islamic Republic – Cry of Khavaran

Esmail Khoyi Foundation

Iranian Solidarity Council with Rojava

Swedish Socialist Association

Democratic Center for Refugees

Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan

Freedom of Thought and Expression Foundation

Europerse Federation

Iran Info Viena

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آنارشیستهای خراسان یکی از اعضای تشکیل دهنده ” اتحادیه آنارشیستهای ایران و افغانستان” می باشند که در ایران حضور دارند.


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