Biography of Anarchist Fighters of Iran’s Geography (No. 3)

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I was always in the minority. Being on the periphery in linguistic, sexual, gender, intellectual, and ethnic aspects, being born on the edge of the so-called border of the country, and not seeing clean water and food was normal for me until I went to other provinces. Being raped by a family clergy did not mean anything until I reached adolescence and youth, and I realized what had happened to me. I started working since middle school until today when I am writing this. Since middle and high school, I was subjected to the baton for the crime of not calling Khomeini an imam and encouraging the burning of the Quran. They didn’t publish my books. In the university, the intelligence agency tortured me to give them something without any new cause, only for the same two acts during my teenage years…

I suffered a lot in school because I thought I was sick because of being in love with my classmate. Due to the poverty of society, one or two of my friends committed suicide every year from the age of 9 and 10 until I was in my mid-twenties. From the age of nineteen, I had to take colorful pills to prevent psychosomatic attacks.

My mind was very busy with anarchism during my middle school and high school years. I don’t know how I once saw the Anarchists’ Union page when we were hacking the internet with the help of an acquaintance and using it. It was like a dream. The more I read, the more I saw myself. I understood more about how I was still alive and all the disasters had been analyzed beautifully.

Except for the street, which always has the sweetest and bitterest memories for me, one of my most beautiful memories is the first time I published an article on the Federation’s website. There were tears in my eyes, and I thought that now that my body was no longer able to fight in the street, I could start writing, and maybe one day, a teenager would read these and see himself in them.

Footnote: For security reasons, changes have been made in the text.

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