Help us in Our Struggle

Taliban is now rapidly gaining control of Afghanistan. According to multiple corroborating evidence, they control about the majority of Afghanistan as of July 10th, 2021. 

Every province & city Taliban conquers, they gain control of more military bases and advanced military armament. What Taliban ultimately intend to form is an Islamic government similar to ISIS. Taliban, with religious reactionary ideas and a history of bloodshed, coming back to power in Afghanistan and the imposition of another theocratic government on the people of the region is counter to the struggles of the people for freedom in Afghanistan.

This war of Afghanistan’s government with Taliban is not like a real war at all. It’s more like a show. The government does not support the soldiers on the front, and as a result, the soldiers cannot effectively resist Taliban’s onslaught. During the failed peace negotiations, the government released thousands of  Taliban members, which increased the morale and strength of Taliban in the terror campaign. The state will not be a savior of the people.

The people took up arms to defend themselves against Taliban and the nightmarish future of a fundamentalist Islamic state will bring. However, their struggle is constantly being suppressed and expropriated by short-sighted states and parties. The United States suppressed any autonomous groups under its “anti-insurgency” doctrine.  The religious and political parties use the current crisis to recruit people to increase their party forces and influence. They have shown how short-sighted and ineffective they are against the threat of Taliban.

There is a tacit agreement between the countries in the region and the United States to allow Taliban to take over Afghanistan. Taliban claimed Iran and Russia gave their blessings to an Islamic State in Afghanistan. Iran hosted high-level Taliban delegations on July 7th, and Taliban captured the border crossing between Iran and Afghanistan without any conflict with Iranian forces on July 9th. Despite this current crisis, the countries hosting Afghan refugees have not even halted their deportation process. Germany alone has deported 27 Afghan refugees on Wednesday, July 7th, back to Afghanistan. It seems the world governments are determined to let the people of Afghanistan suffer under Taliban or be slaves to their imperialist and capitalist goals.

Anarchism in Afghanistan is young, and our forces are small, yet we are pursuing different avenues to resist Taliban’s advance because there is a small revolutionary capacity for a free, autonomous, and democratic society in Afghanistan that must be defended.

Our priority is the security of our comrades in Afghanistan. Due to the growing insecurity and unemployment, we had to procure food, power generators, weapons, and other items. However, our comrades decided to illegally immigrate due to financial difficulties as well as low manpower. The current fundraising will help our comrades’ effort to immigrate.

If you know a good path for our comrades to leave Afghanistan, please contact us.‌