بیانیه جمعی از نویسندگان، شاعران، هنرمندان و روزنامه‌نگاران افغانستانی

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Statement by a Collective of Writers, Poets, Artists, and Journalists in Support of Afghan Women Protesters and the Protest Tent in Cologne, Germany

September 5, 2023

We, a collective of writers, poets, artists, and journalists from Afghanistan, express our unwavering support for the demands of Afghanistan’s women protesters and their protest tent in Cologne, Germany.

The hunger strike and the erection of protest tents by Afghanistan’s women activists, which have been ongoing from September 1st to September 12th, have yet to receive any response or attention from the official institutions that should have addressed their demands from the very first days of setting up these tents. This may potentially prolong the strike beyond the initially set date.

We are deeply concerned about the health conditions of these activists and declare that any negative consequences are solely the result of the inaction of the German government and the organizations that should have taken action from the very beginning but remained silent.

The demands of these protesters are nothing more than acknowledging the bitter reality prevailing in Afghanistan, especially the suffering of women. However, governments and the organizations supported by them do not want to accept what is evident, and they should stand firmly by it, just as they have admitted it repeatedly when it served their political interests.

The women protesters in Afghanistan have consistently voiced their opposition to the restrictions imposed by the Taliban on women and the deprivation of the Afghanistan people of their basic rights. They have been the most vocal force in shedding light on the situation in Afghanistan. Their voices represent the real and true people who, on one hand, are faced with limitations in information dissemination, torture, and internal suppression, and on the other hand, with the indifference, neglect, and self-serving policies of world governments.

We emphasize our support for the demands of the protesters and call on the forces of freedom in various countries, especially the grassroots movements in Germany and the city of Cologne, to exert maximum pressure on the organizations and governments that are the recipients of this protest tent and hunger strike. Stand in solidarity with the women protesters in Afghanistan and their demands, which include “recognizing gender apartheid in Afghanistan, cutting financial aid to the Taliban, banning official meetings with members of the Taliban, and prohibiting the travel of Taliban members to various countries.”

Based on our information regarding the protest tent and hunger strike in Cologne, Germany, the health condition of the strikers is deteriorating. This is extremely concerning, given the history of torture in Taliban prisons and the illness of some of these protesters, which was previously disclosed to us.


  1. Alias Tahiri
  2. Abdullah Salahi
  3. Atiq Arvand
  4. Ali Sajad Mawlaee
  5. Ali Mohebbi
  6. Atefa Hussaini
  7. Enayat Shahir
  8. Elyas Alavi
  9. Fatima Bakhshi
  10. Hassan Azarmehr
  11. Husain Buyook
  12. Hamid Sultani
  13. Ismail Laali
  14. Ismail Sarab
  15. Jarjis Parsiban
  16. Mahdi Sarbaz
  17. Mazda Mehrgan
  18. Mohammad Agha Zaki
  19. Mursal Sayas
  20. Mustafa Samadi
  21. Navid Ahmadi
  22. Parwana Kebrit
  23. Qadir Bayat
  24. Ramin Mazhar
  25. Rohullah Taheri
  26. Sajad
  27. Shamim Frotan
  28. Tahera Sajadi
  29. Zahra Hasti
  30. Zahra Mousavi


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