Calling for the formation of anarchist nuclei in different cities of the world

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Amid the revolution of the people of Iran and the struggle for freedom from the murderous regime of the Islamic Republic and all its western and eastern supporters, the re-emergence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the growth of fascism, and Erdogan’s extremism in WANA, and other such cases; The Anarchists Union of Anarchists of Afghanistan and Iran, a self-organized member of the Federation of Anarchism Era, calls all anarchist comrades from all across the world to create anarchist nuclei to organize and attend widespread protests and demonstrations.

Now more than ever, the presence of an internationalist front for liberty and equality in widespread protests and demonstrations worldwide seems vital and necessary.
This is especially the case with the uprising of the people of Iran, as many protests and demonstrations have been set up and continue to be formed worldwide. Yet, it has not found its internationalist form.

What movement genuinely believes more in internationalism and collective action against authority and domination and truly gives meaning to them than anarchists?
The movement that believes in such strength and acts in line with it is none other than us anarchists; Therefore, we call upon the comrades to self-organize their affinity groups, large or small, and from any of the diverse anarchist tendencies within your city and country:

1: As the emphasis is on internationalist presence in the demonstrations, Our points of attack and protest will also be against the structures of authority in the world, especially in the Western Asia-Northern Africa (WANA) region.

2: Although Iran and Afghanistan have been at the top of the news in Western Asia this year, Our protests will not exclusively be for these two geographical regions.

3: Our presence in the demonstrations requires solidarity, and this solidarity would be created with small anarchist nuclei in different cities.

4: Anarchist nuclei can be any size, even just an individual member.

5: Coordination and solidarity with other nuclei formed in different cities strengthen the formation of these nuclei.

6: Our presence in the protests will be with flags and anarchist emblems. A prominent presence in the protests is significant for our existence not to be ignored or censored by fascist and authoritarian actors.

The Anarchists Union of Afghanistan and Iran has already taken action to step forward in forming these nuclei. However, we know that anarchists, even if unseen, are everywhere. Because of this, we include our contact information for individuals, nuclei, and groups already active in different cities so we can form and strengthen our solidarity and affinity further.

Please contact us for connections between nuclei in different geographies, coordination for demonstrations, and other related discussions.


The Federation of Anarchism Era



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