3rd Dispatch From The Streets for Organizing Youth in Mahabad

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3rd letter

Intended audience: everyone


*The wretched Islamic Republic has fallen*

Four decades of corruption and brutality from the regime and the steadfast determination of the women and youth in Kurdistan and Iran to remain in the streets are forcing this dictatorship to crumble.

In this glorious autumn, the dictatorial system has nothing left for clinging to power but desperately unleashing even more militarism and brutality in Kurdistan.

These days, the alleys breathe, and the streets shout out in anger.

Our organized collective continues to invite our comrades and the noble people of Mahabad and the rest of Iran to get autonomously organized, and practice the alternative approach of democratic self-governance during this revolutionary time. Let our will be strengthened by the absolute necessity of avenging the blood of our shahids (those who have given up their lives in this struggle), and let our sacred anger help us spread the spirit of freedom and self-determination everywhere.

(The following recommendations are made:)

• Avoid gathering at established locations well-known to the state.
• Target the remaining strongholds and infrastructure of the state: Basij bases, the offices located inside schools and mosques that are used for surveillance and repression by the regime, city government buildings, IRIB (state media) buildings, city council and parliamentary offices, the office of the representative of the so-called Supreme Leader, the homes of known agents of state repression, the state provided housing of military and Sepah agents, Gorestane Ashayer (a location the state exploits for its ideological goals), and finally the buildings of the Sepah, Sepah Intelligence, army, and the Ministry of Information.
• We must replace the reformist mindset that is resigned to mere changes in who controls the state with a revolutionary consciousness that seeks to create radical and fundamental changes.
• The notion the Sepah and military are somehow at odds with each other must be abandoned. We need to disabuse ourselves of the delusion that we can be saved by the existing opposition figureheads, parties, and groups that want to appoint themselves as the leaders of this uprising.
• In addition to fortifying ourselves and preparing for the propaganda and psychological warfare of the state, we need to prioritize acquiring the practical means of physically defending ourselves.


Death to the dictator
Long live getting organized



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