Gozareshgaran’s plea:The lives of all prisoners, including political prisoners and detainees of the November 2019 uprising, are in danger

Gozareshgaran’s plea

The lives of all prisoners, including political prisoners and detainees of the November 2019 uprising, are in danger

As a result of the Iranian government’s concealment, and to escape an absolute electoral defeat, the explosive spread of the Corona virus is out of control and the lives of all of our country’s inmates, and thousands of political detainees and prisoners of conscious and the captives of the November 2019 uprising, are at risk

Whilst the number of victims are increasing daily, and sending more people to their deaths, this emergency situation has caused general panic across our country. The statistics and figures of this virus are in a state of ambiguity and lies by government officials, and only some details are circulated by the mass media

The profitability, and those who do not respect humanity, has increased the scale of this humanitarian catastrophe

Now, all prisoners of the country are in a very intolerable and dangerous situation, which could spread this outbreak to astronomical proportions and definitely increase the horrific statistics on prison inmate patients throughout the country

Again, according to the news and reports, thousands of inmates have been released temporarily by the government, but despite enduring the most difficult conditions and undergoing various forms of tortures, there is no information on the situation of the political prisoners and the detainees of the November 2019 uprising

We, the political, social and cultural activists, whilst condemning the Islamic Republic’s inhuman policies, call on all organizations defending human rights and the advocates of political prisoners, to condemn this despotic ruling regime and demand the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners and the prisoners of conscious from this deadly condition of prisons in Iran

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Human rights organizations
Amnesty International


The names of the supporters

Ali Pichgah – Labor activist
Atena Kermanshahinejad Kord – refugee advocate
Amador Navidi – Political and media activists
Alireza Babai – Political activist
Ardeshir Nasrolah Beygi
Atefeh Eghbal – former political prisoner
Atosa Rezazadeh – Human rights activist and refugee advocate
Ahmad Azizpour – political activist
Arash Kamangar – Political and media activists
Akbar Deylami – Labor activist
Ali Etedali – Political activist
Asghar Zeynodin – Political activist
Abas Rahmati – Political activist
Ali Damavandi – Political and media activists
Ali Satari – Political activist and former political prisoner
Abas TakloBighash – Political activist
Ardalan Sayadi – Political activist and defender of asylum
Alireza Mirzaian – Political activist
Amir Mirzaian – Political activist and former political prisoner

Bagher Ebrahimzadeh – Political activist and former political prisoner
Bahareh Selki – Women’s rights activist and refugee advocate
Behrooz Mirzaian – Political activist
Behzad Barkhodai – Labor activist
Bahram Soltani – human rights activist
Bahram Rahmani – Writer and political analyst
Behrouz Sooren – Political activist and former political prisoner
Behnam Changai – Labor activist
Bijan Saidpour – Political and media activists

Dr. Zahra Shams

Ebrahim Pouyan – Political analyst
Ebrahim Avokh – Political activist and former political prisoner and media activists
Ehsan Sabet – labor unions activist
Esmail Fatahi – human rights activist
Ehsan Sabet – Political activist

Fariba Sabet – Activist of the women’s movement and former political prisoner
Farid Mohamadi – Political activist
Fatolah Khalili – Political activist and member of the Gutenberg Iranian Refugee Association
Fariba Faraz – Women’s rights activist
Fatemeh Rezai – human rights activist
Foad Sohrabi – Refugee Rights Activist
Farida Faraz – Women’s rights activist
Farideh Rezai

GholamAsgari – labor activist in exile
Gholamreza Morshedian . Muzician

Hedayat Soltanzadeh – political analyst
H. Riahi – Political activist and former political prisoner
Hasan Hesam – Poet and Political analyst
HeshmatVardasbi – Political prisoner of the two systems
Hasan Azizi – Translator
Hasan Najeb Hashem – human rights activist
Hossein Naghpour – Political and media activists
Hamid Jahanbakhsh – Active and political analyst
HajarJahedifar – Political refugee
Helen Habibi – Women’s rights activist and Refugee Rights Activist

IrajHeydari – Political activist
Iman Heydari – Political activist and defender of asylum

Jaleh Sahand – Political activist
Jamshid Safapour – Labor activist
Jafar Hosseinzadeh – Political activist
Jafar Amiri – political analyst and former political prisoner

K. Alvand – political analyst
Kitash Shams – Political activist
Kambiz Gilani – Poet

Leyla Parnian – Women’s rights activist
Leyla Gosar – Women’s rights activist

Monireh Baradaran – human rights activist and former political prisoner
Mohamad Alinejad – Lawyer
Mohsen Rezvani – Labor activist
MehrafaghMoghimiNiaki – Political activist and former political prisoner
Manouchehr Taghavi Bayat – Political analyst and former professor at the university
Mostafa Alinejad – Writer
Mahboobeh Jahedifar – Women’s rights activist and Political activist
Majid Darabeygi – Political activist and former political prisoner
Majid Moshayedi
Mahmood Ashoori – Political activist and former political prisoner
Mahvash Rashidi Birgani – Women’s rights activist and refugee advocate
Masoud Forouzesh Rad – Political activist and former political prisoner
Mohamad Reza Hadipour – Political activist and defender of asylum
Mehrdad Ahangar – Political activist
Mohamad Asangaran – Political activist
Mohsen Izadi Amoli – Asylum Defender
Mohamadreza Ebahim Babai – Political activist
Mohamad Nabavi

Nasrin Ahmadi – Active Union ofNurses
Nahid Nazemi – Women’s rights activist and Political activist
Nader Sani – Teacher and political and social activist
Nooshafarin Jafari – defender of asylum
Neda Noavar – Women’s rights activist
Nezam Jalali – Anarchist
Niloofar tehrani – Women’s rights activist
Faranak Raha – Women’s rights activist
Neda Roshan – Women’s rights activist

Omid Mohamadieh – defender of asylum

Parvin Riahi – Women’s rights activist
Parvaneh Boka – Political activist
Pordel Zare – Political activist
Pirooz Zoorchang – Political activist and former political prisoner

Rasoul Shokati – Political activist and former political prisoner
Ranjbar Fekri – Political activist and defender of asylum
Reza Bishetab – Poet
Rasool Balooch

Soraya Fatahi – Political activist
Sedigh Jahani – Labor activist and media activist
Shahla Abghari – Political activist and university professor
Shervin Raha – Labor activist
Siavosh Shariati
Siamak Jahanbakhsh – Political activist
Siamak Moayedzadeh – Labor activist
Shahla Saidi
Soraya Vardasbi – Political prisoner of the two systems
Sina Mahdavian – Lawyer and human rights activist and refugee advocate
Siavosh Shamsai – Political activist
Siavosh Karsaz – human rights activist
Siamak Mehr ( Poorshajari ) – Political activist and former political prisoner
Said Shojai – human rights activist
Sedigheh Mohamadi

Tofigh Mohamadi – Political analystandAsylum-seeker
Taghi Rouzbeh – Political analyst
Zahra Shirvieh – defender of asylum

Signed by organizations


Iranian Left Alliance Abroad

Independent Council for Solidarity with Social Movements in Iran

Iranian Refugee Association – Gutenberg

Supporters of Mothers Park Laleh – Stockholm

Association for the Defense of Political Prisoners of Conscience in Iran; Paris

Workers’ Solidarity Committee of Iran and Sweden

Iranian Solidarity Council with Rojava

The Age of Anarchism Collection

Coordination Council Against the Murder of the Islamic Republic – Cry of Khavaran

Swedish Socialist Association

United Front for Freedom, Equality and Social Justice

Democratic Center for Refugees

Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan

Iran Democratic Platform – Stockholm

Iran Info Viena

Morning Cultural Center – Stockholm

Signed by sites and weblogs



Radio Payam – Canada


Etehad Kargari


Rahe Kargar News


Asre Anarshism




Eshterak WordPress


Reza Bishetab


Taghi Rouzbeh


Majid Moshayedi


Kanoon Demokratik Panahandegan


Mostafa Azizi


Ebrahim Avokh




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۳۳- آدرس آنارشیستهای مشهد در کانال تلگرام



۳۴ -آدرس کانال آنارشیستهای تهران در تلگرام



۳۵ – آدرس بلوک سیاه Iranian Black Bloc



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۳۷ – آدرس پیج” آنارشیستهای خراسان “در اینستاگرام


آنارشیستهای خراسان یکی از اعضای تشکیل دهنده ” اتحادیه آنارشیستهای ایران و افغانستان” می باشند که در ایران حضور دارند.


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۴۲ – آدرس پیچ آنارشیستهای اهواز در فیسبوک



۴۳ – آدرس پیچ آنارشیسم سبز در فیسبوک





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