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Solidarity with persecuted anarchist Reza Arefi Nasab, and information about his arrest case in Iran. (8 years in prison)

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For security reasons, anarchist Reza Arefi Nasab is unable to write such a statement, so at his decision, I accepted the responsibility to write such a statement that clarify the situation of him

Anarchist Reza Arefi Nasab was arrested by police for the first time during the November 2019 protests in Iran. After a short period of detention, he was finally released, pledging not to take part in the protests again. On July 25, 2020, anarchist Reza Arefi Nasab was arrested again by the police, but this time on charges of: 1- insulting the sanctities of Islam, 2- insulting Ali Khamenei (leader of the Islamic regime of Iran) 3- acting against national security. (anarchist Reza Arefi Nasab was beaten by cops during his arrest.) He was transferred to the IRGC Intelligence Detention Center in Yasuj. “During this time, he has only been able to contact his family only once,”. In a brief contact with his family a few days after his arrest, Reza told them that he was under intense pressure to make a forced confession against himself and those who had participated in the protests in November 2019. “As soon as he said such words, his call was cut off and he was not any further able contact with his family.” Anarchist Reza Arefi Nasab was arrested in Likak city; Likak is one of the cities of Bahmaei city in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province. A city whose name was repeatedly heard during the November 2019 protests. Prior to November 2019, the people of this city, along with the nationwide protests in December 2017 and July 2018, which included a large number of suburban cities in Iran, had protested against their poor living conditions. People like Reza Arefi nsab and other protesters who take part in protests in small towns are doubly oppressed by cops and the judicial system of regime: “The city is small. The people are often conservative. And these strugglers do not have a voice in the news of the mainstream media. “This allows the state to safely file cases against them and use the news silence about them”

Based on the articles of Law 2-18-19 and 134, decided in 2014 / and based on the articles of law 512- 513- 514, decided in 1997 / and besed on the articles of law 2 and 12 decided in 2020

۳- According to the statement of the Islamic regime’s court against the anarchist Reza Arefi Nasab, the explanation of his third charge of acting against national security is as follows: He has published texts encouraging people to destroy the state’s property and to take up arms against the police.(37 months of jail)

۲- insulting Ali Khamenei ((the leader of Islamic regime of Iran) 16 months of jail)

۳- insulting the holy things of Islam( 37 months of jail)

In general, anarchist Reza Arefi has been sentenced to 8 years in prison. At the moment He is temporary released, and has appealed for the case. There is a need for international solidarity for political prisoners, wanted strugglers and fugitive comrades in Iran. Anarchist Reza Arefi Nasab is one of thousands of strugglers who have persecuted by the Islamic regime of Iran. This is a ridiculous but it is a fact too: comrades and liberation struggles in Iran are severely censored in the West because of the false propaganda of many Western leftists that the Iranian regime is an anti-imperialist

government; Such a thing is not acceptable and this false propaganda must be broken

Solidarity is our weapon

Solidarity with those who struggle for liberation in Iran

Destroy the Islamic fascism of Iran

Abtin Parsa

 ۱۷March 2021



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