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25 مارس اخبار روز

About Sina Dehghan

Sina Dehghan is a 21 years old Iranian facing death penalty on accusation of ‘Insulting the Prophet’. In January 2017, the supreme court of Iran confirmed his death sentence which was initially issued by a district criminal court in his native province in Arak

The source of the accusation was some critical posts that Sina has written at Line social messaging platform, during his last days in military service. He was arrested at his military service barrack in Tehran by the revolutionary guards in October 2015

An informed source told the center of Human rights for Iran that since the beginning of the judiciary process of Sina Dehghan, he has been denied the right to choose his lawyer. And the public defender did not protect Sina with proper legal defense nor did he informed the media about the trial. Sina is now detained at Arak prison on death row


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۱۱ – فیسبوک شاهین شهر پلیتیک

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۱۳ – فیسبوک صدای زندانیان سیاسی

۱۴- صدای زندانیان سیاسی در تلگرام

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