When War Criminals do The Walk of Unity

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When War Criminals do the “”walk of unity to kill more people in Middle East”” and elsewhere

Huge rally in France

Here is an opinion
As we know any rally which will be organised by a ruling system, is always more than anything else in the benefit of those fascist racist system NOT in the benefit of the people
A system which naturally is racist, when it comes to Gypsies living in France, non white people, poor who are as a result of colonialism living there, refugees who have been forced to leave their home, families and loved ones just because of injustice war created by these fascist rulers, etc, etc, it tells us that these systems are the main reasons of terrorism
Here we also should NOT forget all those islamists fascists living in those countries are grown within these systems and turned into those ugly face of religious fascism

First of all we do NOT forget that all drones attack by US / CIA / western powers /zionism in Middle East and killing every single day so many innocents people has never been recognised as “”terrorism
As we mentioned before religion is the reason and it has always been a benefit tool for all governments, Western / Eastern or anything else. Therefore they try to keep all religions very active among the people

Who are so called foreigners / terrorists in Western countries
These people (about 7 millions) in France, either are from refugees’ background who we mentioned above or second and third generation of those that their countries have been colonialised
It means the country of their grand parents have been totally ruined by robbery and rape of these western big powers

How these 2nd / 3rd generation are being treated there in the country of their birth

Totally isolated, discriminated and pushed into the poorest corners of France, England, Germany, etc

Instead of ending injustice war in all Middle Eastern countries which costs trillions of dollars and has killed tens of millions of innocent women, men and children and instead of providing “”Free Education”” for all, they build mosques for them and encourage them to practice their reactionaries religions

You CAN NOT DO on one hand these kind of crimes, murdering, torturing in Middle East and also all kind of racism towards those refugees’ generation and on the other hand expect them to be secular, progressive and not fundamentalists

Here is the answer
Before everything else “”STOP INJUSTICE WAR””, Free Education for all, No apartheid among different nationalities in Western countries, equal rights for all. Build a safe education institute instead of mosques, churches, Jewish temples or any other nonsense religious places…. Stop War, Stop Fascism, Stop Racism, Stop zionism of Killing Palestinians, Stop your ISIS of killing innocent Kurds and Stop supporting Terrorist islamic regime of Iran and all other poppet dictator regimes in Middle East

Free Middle East, Free Africa, Free Latin America, Free all other countries and continents in the world
Science NOT Religion

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۲۶ – کانال تلگرام خودسازماندهی مطالب گروه اتحاديه آنارشیست‌های افغانستان و ايران
۲۷ – گروه تلگرام خودساماندهی مطالب گروه اتحادیه آنارشیستهای افغانستان و ایران
۲۸– اینستاگرام آنارشیستهای بوکان - ئانارکیستە کانی بۆکان
۲۹- کانال تلگرام کتابخانه شورشی
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