An open letter to comrades in the Kurdish anarchist movement

Dear comrades in the Kurdish anarchist movement

13 آگوست اخبار روز

We got Your Reproach for being late in issuing a solidarity statement with the Kurdish people and minorities in northern Iraq- Syria, which are under brutal attacks from the fascist organization called (the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant), and perhaps you have every right to that admonition, have you always been proactive in our support and communicate with us (anarchist movement in Egypt), But what prevented us from issuing such statement is feeling that any words deficit and Dwarf against what the minorities exposed to in northern Iraq and Syria, all the harassment we suffered in Egypt is worthless compared to the horror people face Under (ISIS) Reign of terror, What kind of statement can we Issue ? And what words can express The anger , sadness and pain we feel? The statements of solidarity and condemnation no longer mean anything, and will not Dwarf your tragedy by issuing mere statement of condemnation and solidarity.

We are fully aware that the popular uprisings which was named (the Arab Spring) even with its suffering from shortcomings in awareness and the shallowness of the objectives and mechanisms were earthquake terrified not only dictatorships proxy in region , But also caused panic for the authoritarian imperialist powers all over the world while watching such uprisings transferred to their home countries in the United States, Greece, Spain, Turkey and other countries, Those give the promise of a new era when people act and take the lead on their own without reliance on an authoritarian party or organization, It was that what made global capitalism utilize its old and well tested weapon (religious fascism) to make it the instrument that destroys those popular uprisings and throw it off track and destroy any hope or ambition of it and even use it to seize power as a substitute for traditional nationalism and patriotism fascists, which decayed aging and corruption, The criminal entity named (ISIS) is nothing but reproduction of every horror of the Nazi practiced from ethnic cleansing to genocide, that Anti-Humanity entity , which was used to destroy the popular revolution of the Syrians and eliminate any hope of a Popular revolutionary movment in Iraq, Is now destroying the people of the region themselves, materially and morally through massacres and genocide , Unleashing unbelievable horror against Kurds, Christians , Yazidis and all ethnic and religious minorities in the region as much overpowers the Sunni Arab majority devastating them and subjecting them to the diabolical vision of ISIS.

We realize that we libertarian socialists find ourselves in the front rows of the battle against this barbarous brutality, and realize that we need to develop a collective strategy on the scope of the whole world to find ways and means by which we -militant for socialism and freedom and all the values opposed by those entities neo-Nazi – can stop this brutality and eliminate it and prevent from rising ever again . Our struggle against the ugliness of (ISlamic state) thugs murderers of the people is a Fundamental part of our struggle against brutality and viciousness of traditional dictatorship powers in the Middle East in particular and the world as a whole, we have to find a way to mobilize the working people against this brutal, inhuman as an essential battle in the war against capitalism and Authority, We have to find a way to mobilize against the darkness that threatens any revolutionary popular movement in the Middle East.

Dear comrades, we stand with you shoulder to shoulder, and stand in a row of all the people that are exposed to these monstrosity, And we promise you that we will not fail to do our part to support the cause of socialism, liberty and the right to life, And we believe that the day will come soon when we stand together physically not only morally in the same trench against the fascist and authoritarian .
Long live the struggle of the peoples
Long live freedom
Long live the libertarian socialist .

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