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By Hasse-Nima Golkar


On February 11, 1979, Iran’s several thousand-year-old monarchies were overthrown forever in a bloody uprising. The Pahlavi dynasty with the world’s 5th military power gave up in order to keep the socio-economic system intact. In the demonstrations, people shouted: “when the Devil (Shah) goes away, the Angel (Khomeini) comes in”, but that was a completely incorrect expression. A dictator, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi disappeared and was replaced instead by another even crueler and harsher dictator Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.
Iran’s weak revolutionary movements, which lacked a clear and given struggle strategy, were confusedly intoxicated by the “Spring of Freedom” with partly political double messages and partly a strong illusion and a romantic view of the revolution. The people’s movement went straight into the mullahs’ trap and in the depths of the Shia-Islamic rotten swamp searched in vain for some pearls. Most of the left-wing intellectuals suddenly forgot Khomeini’s Shia Islamic pillars built on LIE AND HYPOCRISY (Taqiyya).
 Ayatollah Khomeini one of humanity’s worst executioners, before the February uprising when he was in France, he promised the Iranian people “gold and green forests”. On the one hand, he made promises of ”freedom, independence, the elevation of human morality and religiosity”, and on the other hand, he promised free electricity, water, housing, public transport, and…
The radical protests against the Shah regime began to take shape in the early 1960s, when from above the reforms, the so-called “White Revolution” was proclaimed. First a Shia-Islamic group called “People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran” and a few years later a Marxist-Leninist group called “People’s Fedaei Guerrillas Organization of Iran” began their underground and armed struggle (mostly influenced by the guerrilla movements in Latin America) against the Shah’s monarchist dictatorship.
The advance of the northern neighbor, the Soviet Union, terrified the Iranian governing system and this forced the Shah, among other things, to draw an Islamic green ribbon in the form of thousands of mosques and religious premises around the country in order to fight against “Communism”.
Duo to the “white reform”, class differences were gradually increased and deepened between the rich and the poor. The big landowners got even more, and the small farmers got even less, therefore they were drawn to the outskirts of the big cities, including to the suburbs of Tehran where several slums were formed.
The primitive discontent movements started from there in the mid-1970s. Daily increasing demonstrations in most major cities and finally the strong general strike of the oil workers in southern Iran, crumbled part of the POLITICAL system of the Shah regime  on 11 February 1979, but not the ECONOMIC system.
Very shortly after Khomeini’s assumption of power, he partly claimed that “the economy belongs to the donkey” and partly apologized to his supporters for “not acting revolutionary to crush all dissidents at an early stage”. He further added that ”if we, like other revolutions, had banned the Islam-critical newspapers, and if we had executed and burned thousands of these rotten counter-revolutionaries before the eyes of the public, then the country would have been rid of their problems”!!
Khomeini, around the 1980s, in a cannibalistic order in a letter (Fatwa) to the country’s “revolutionary courts” wrote that “you are allowed to murder with the least possible mercy all infidel political prisoners who oppose the Shia Islamic rule”. Because of the same type of fascist executive command, two major massacres (summer 1980 against leftist political forces and summer 1988 against Mojahedin, together with the left) took place in prisons. Thousands of people of all genders from children to adults (even expectant mothers) were murdered and then some were buried in secret mass graves around the country.
But according to the Iranian proverb: “who sows wind, will reap storm”. This storm of people is coming slowly but surely, and it will turn into a tsunami that wants to smash and wash away the capitalist Shia-Islamic caliphate system, upside down with all its attachments. That time is not at all far away.



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