A call to stand against the inhuman deal between the governments of Sweden and Iran

فراخوان برای مقابله با معامله‌گری غیرانسانی بین دولت سوئد و ایران

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A call to stand against the inhuman deal between the governments of Sweden and Iran

One year ago on October 2, 2022, following the continuation of the Zina uprising, the revolutionary movement of “Women – Life – Freedom,” and the massacre of the people of Baluchistan by the criminal Islamic Republic of Iran on “Bloody Friday of Zahedan,” a group of freedom-seeking and revolutionary people protested in front of the spying nest of the fascist Islamic Republic of Iran, its so-called embassy in Stockholm. In these protests, the Swedish police brutally and humiliatingly arrested ten protesters against the principle of freedom of expression and filed a court case against them. The Swedish government intends to try these protesters in the unjust court on Friday, the 6th, and Monday, October 9, 2023, in the Stockholm District Court.

It is clear to free-thinking people everywhere that such actions of the Swedish government are victimizing free-thinking people in a conspiracy to continue the shameful economic-political deals between Sweden and Iran, assisting the survival of the criminal and authoritarian Iran regime. The Islamic Republic of Iran has brought nothing but colonization, exploitation, and killing to the people of Iran’s geography, terror and espionage of free and freedom-seeking people outside Iran, and kidnapping people for ransom.

Thus, we call for all freedom-seekers, including informed people in Sweden, to condemn these actions of the Swedish government while declaring solidarity with the protesters and not allowing the Islamic Republic of Iran to achieve its authoritarian and fascist goals against its opponents in Iran and abroad.

We invite free-thinking people, political-revolutionary movements, and the media to participate in protest gatherings in front of the “Stockholm District Court” on Friday, October 6, and Monday, October 9, from 11:00 to 13:00.

Court address: Scheelegatan 7, Stockholm / Tunnelbanestation, Rådhuset

Media Department of the Federation of Anarchism Era


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