صدها نفر از دانش آموزان مدرسه دخترانه در تعداد زیادی از شهرهای ایران در اثر انتشار عَمدی گاز شیمیائی، مسموم شده اند

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By Hasse-Nima Golkar


Forty-four years have passed since the ruling capitalist fascist Shia Islamic State took power (February 11, 1979) in political-geographical Iran. From the very first days, Khomeini regime has shown its ineffectiveness and its inability to solve the severe socio-economic and political-cultural crises that had inherited from the shah’s dictatorial monarchy. In order for the regime to stabilize its authority and prevent its eventual collapse, the establishment of the eight-year inhumane ruinous war against the Iraqi state began. And in this way, in the meantime, could gradually and in great extent oppress the dissident opponents.

Arrests, detentions, torture, executions and massacres of the political and prisoners of conscience, closure of higher education centers, etc. under various false pretexts, the regime largely succeeded in creating a general fear and terror throughout the country. But it did not take long for the people to shed their illusion of the deluded promises of Ayatollah Khomeini and his companions and realize the hypocritical nature of the Islamic State. So, slowly and surely, the people raised their voices for their righteous protests. The first voice of protest was heard from the women’s movement on March 8, 1979 (International Women’s Day) against the Islamic Hijab, and after that, university students and workers in various sectors began to protest and strike.

The reformist “green movement”, in 2009, and the social uprising of the working people, in 2017/2018 and 2020 were crushed in the most brutal way possible. After the brutal murder of the 22-year-old Kurdish woman, Mahsa-Jina Amini on September 16, 2022, by the “Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps” (IRGC), the revolutionary uprising “Women-Life-Freedom” was able to shake properly from one side, the foundation of the state and on the other hand, wake up the world opinion from its ”rabbit sleep”. The vanguards and amazing courage of young people, especially girls, in this movement attracted solidarity and support inside and outside Iran. As a result of the very severe fascist repression that has been murdered at least 530 young people and imprisoned more than 20,000 so far, who are under severe torture, the speed and strength of the movement has decreased to a certain extent, but still continues on.

The among other, steelworkers’ protests and strikes during the past week clearly show that the torch of the enduring marathon struggle has now been entrusted to the hands of the working people and will continue with its special ups and downs in every revolutionary movement, until the overthrow of the entire ruling Islamic State in Iran.

The damaged regime which has become confused and scared by losing its control over the socio-economic and political-cultural situation and thus overthrown, again, as before, which had thrown acid in the face of the women with “bad Hijab” to prevent that the protests continue, has committed another heinous and anti-human crime by poisoning the schoolgirls since November 9, 2022, till now to keep them away from studies and street protests.

According to reports on social media, several hundred schoolgirls across the country have been INTENTIONALLY and ORGANIZED poisoned by a yellow-colored chemical gas possibly named “Fucine/Fosin” (?), which is used in the agricultural and electrical industries and in that way have endangered their physical and mental health. Based on internal medicine specialists, these types of toxic chemical gases can attack the body’s internal organs, including the respiratory organs (lungs), heart, kidneys, … and in the long run can cause serious damage to them. The side effects of this poisonous substance, which smells like rotten fish, cause dizziness, nausea, stomach pain and diarrhea, which according to the stories of the exposed students, confirms the medical opinion about the use of this type of chemical gas.



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