Break the spell of Obedience

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The ruling class, whether they are so-called noble, well-intentioned, and men of the people, whether in a small organization like the political party or in a large organization like the government, needs obedient and subservient people. So by governing people, the ruling class can advance their goals, even if these goals are so-called useful, popular, and constructive.

Everyone and every group that seeks power or is part of the ruling class‌ has a set of internalized beliefs: ‌ Belief in eternal stability and even the necessity for inequality and class structure, belief in the need for administration institutions to guide other people as wrong-headed, witless, and misguided, believing in the need to use force and violence to achieve their goals.

Power is needed to subdue the people and exercise authority. Power is the ability of a group or group to achieve its goals or advance its interests by forcing other members of society to do something against their own wishes.

Violence is always accompanied by power. The violence that robs people of autonomy, freedom, and humanity and enslaves them. Slavery means becoming objects. A thing. All our social relationships and backgrounds that made us human are ripped apart and ignored in order to perform a specific task for the benefit of others. Things called workers that have a special purpose which is extracted from them and they are interchangeable. Things called women whose only purpose in life is to satisfy the desires of others, housekeeping, giving-birth, and childbearing. Objects called races and ethnicities that have been stigmatized as the sin and misery of the time to focus the hatred of the majority. Objects called slaves that are bought and sold as goods. Objects that become corpses to teach others a lesson.

These acts of violence are institutionalized in society as hierarchies. Hierarchies, these structural inequalities that the ruling class utilizes to seize power and subordinate the people. All current governments use racism, patriarchy, theocracy, capitalism to maintain and increase the influence of their power, but the degree of use of hierarchies in a government depends on where they gained power, giving each a specific flavor.

This is why even so-called “communist” or “socialist” governments do not give up on capitalism or will return to it soon because capitalism is one of the most effective ways to exercise power and increase its sphere of influence. Government, with any flag color and symbol, with any name and title, will not be the way to our freedom. They always alienate us so that they can rule us.

Obedience is a spell; A series of chains called the belief in obedience to superiors, whether God, humans, or other abstract ideas, and the only way to break the spell of obedience is insubordination. Not for a temporary time, ‌but forever. Rebellion not from one form of slavery, but from all the dimensions of power that play a role in our slavery. Disobedience requires networks of support, solidarity, and compassion: networks of insubordination and rebellion. These networks of mutual aid and solidarity are the seeds for the blossoming flowers of our future free society. A future where we do not become alienated from our society. A future in which we don’t slave away for the sake of an abstract idea, in the name of God, society, religion, nation, and the promise of the benefits afterward. The future in which we play a role in society based on our ability and ethos, and people are no longer restricting our freedom, but increasing its scope.

Let’s break the spell of obedience. Let’s be anarchists.




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