October 3rd; International Soheil Arabi Day

سوّم اكتبر؛ روز جهاني سُهيل عربی

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October 3rd; International Soheil Arabi Day:

This year, on “October 3rd, International Soheil Arabi Day,” Two atheist organizations, the Ex-Muslims and the Atheist Republic, have organized a campaign of support in various cities worldwide. The Federation of Anarchism Era also supports such efforts for the freedom of Soheil Arabi.

In the past, anarchists worldwide took action in solidarity with Soheil Arabi, an anarchist political prisoner. This year, they can take any action they deem appropriate either independently or cooperate with us on October 3rd. Those interested in the joint effort, please send their proposals as soon as possible.


Support “October 3rd, International Soheil Arabi Day”!

Soheil Arabi, born on August 21st, 1985, and the father of his daughter, born on August 2nd, 2009, is a photojournalist and an anarchist political prisoner. He was arrested on November 7th, 2013, by the police of the fascist ruling regime in Iran. Then, on August 30th, 2014, Soheil was sentenced to death on the charges of “enmity against God” and “Spreading propaganda against the Islamic Regime” by the “Revolutionary Court of Tehran.” The death penalty was reduced to several years in prison because of worldwide solidarity protests.

Although Soheil Arabi has been sentenced to prison for more than the thirteenth time for the same “crimes” as before, he continues his fight against the horrific conditions inside the various prisons in Tehran. He was supposed to be released in 2019, but according to him, the prison authorities have decided to act contrary to their orders.

On May 26th, 2021, from Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj, west of Tehran, Soheil Arabi wrote the following:

“I have been unjustly imprisoned for eight years now while according to prison law, I should have been released after six years and three months … They are trying to punish me on a series of false charges. Extending my stay in prison because they are afraid that people will find out the truth … A prison official told me: “I am afraid to release you when you don’t give up your hostility with the regime even in prison. It is not clear what you will do in society after being freed.”

It should be noted that Soheil Arabi is one of the winners of the 2017 Press Freedom Award by Reporters Without Borders in France.


A poem by comrade Soheil Arabi from inside the prison:

“Write on the white pages of the history once more

The struggle is the cure for the sufferings

One for all; All for one

The great hands of the people are in chains

Will not leave his crimson flower alone

Will take it back from behind prison bars!”

A political prisoner must be released!

Release Soheil Arabi!

Long Live International Solidarity!


Federation of Anarchism Era

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