International Call on the Political Crisis in Afghanistan

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This is an international call about Afghanistan’s current internal political crisis.

As we are aware, after consecutive meetings and negotiations between governments including the United States, Russia, Iran, and the central government of Afghanistan with representatives of the Taliban Islamist group, this jihadi group is now rapidly gaining control of various parts of Afghanistan. It ultimately intends to form an Islamic government in the form of ISIS. Returning a group with religious reactionary ideas and a history of bloodshed in Afghanistan is not only against the freedom struggles of the people in Afghanistan but also is the imposition of another theocratic government on the people of the region. This can only be influenced by the imperialist policies of the world governance system and its specific tricks in the region and in the world arena. The United States has never entered Afghanistan to truly confront Taliban.

Recently we have seen clearly how giving political space to the Taliban has given more power to this Islamist group. The simultaneous release of tens of thousands of Taliban jihadists from Afghanistan prisons during negotiations with the United States is clear evidence that the imperialist interests of the world’s ruling capitalist system are not in stark contrast to giving way to radical Islamist groups, which mostly created by the same system governments. No wonder after two decades of US military presence in Afghanistan and the formation of a central government in Afghanistan, the Taliban terrorist group has gained so much power today that it has the ability to take control of most of Afghanistan’s provinces after receiving the green light from rival governments in the region.

The Federation of Anarchists of Iran and Afghanistan (Federation of Anarchism era) has made a clear position on the past and present situation in Afghanistan. Our observations show that today most of Afghanistan’s people are more aware of the catastrophic policies of the global governance system than ever before, and they want to regain their will and power to establish their own organizations to deal with Taliban terrorists, as well as to run all other affairs in a non-governmental and non-hierarchical manner. The Anarchist Federation of Iran and Afghanistan convenes an open international call (in Persian and English) in order to find a practical and libertarian solution to the Afghanistan problems with our international comrades to support Afghanistan’s people resistance movement against Taliban.
Our revolutionary ideals promise the future victory of the lower societies in the vast geography dominated by the capitalist system.



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