Abtin Parsa’s political position about Bij1 (Revolutionary socialism is the opposite of evolutionary socialism)

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In the 1970s, 1980s, and finally the 1990s, revolutionary socialist movements surrounded the West and the East, but the failure of these movements to abolish the regimes led to the emergence of a new generation of neoliberalism. With the defeat of the socialist revolutionary movements in overthrowing the regime, a large part of the social body who supported the social-revolutionary movement, frustrated with the status quo, decided to gradually destroy it by entering the system; This was a historic opportunity for neoliberalism to welcome this social body, to fire the last bullet at the revolutionary socialist movements. Regimes that saw themselves in a position of weakness allowed this social body to make reforms, so that the part of the working class that still hoped for revolutionary social movements, to get closer to the system, which is social democracy. At this historical juncture, which in my view was the late 1990s and early 21st century, I name the end of the proletarian movement in most European countries. In fact, the working class’s disillusionment with revolutionary socialism made neoliberalism a historic opportunity to become stronger. The regimes never sought fundamental change, but only needed to deceive and manipulate the working class, so that’s why the system allowed the social body that had previously supported revolutionary socialism to enter the system. The system just wanted to make the real threat far, so the working class that had the revolutionary potential should be destroyed in this way, and instead of that, lead the working class to evolutionary socialism. The current situation is materialist proof that by relying on evolutionary socialism, the situation not only did not get better but also got worse and on the other hand, the revolutionary socialist movements disappeared, so there is no power self-defense anymore. History has shown well over the last 30 years that the attempt to inject evolutionary socialism into the system not only does not really improve the situation but also more confuses the working class; and makes the working class further and further away from its revolutionary mission of overthrowing the capitalist regime. I believe that the presence of evolutionary socialism in the system is much more dangerous than the presence of right wings in the system because evolutionary socialism uses the deception of the working class to distance them from revolutionary socialism; and also since the state’s solution was taught to the working class by evolutionary socialism, the working class will go more towards the right wings, when will see that the conditions did not change by evolutionary socialism.

Comrades, I hoped I could write this article in Persian because my English is not good enough to be able to express my ideas more freely and better. Let me honestly say, that I still adhere to revolutionary socialism and believe that evolutionary socialism only distracts us from our goals. You may have heard my position on evolutionary socialism led by bij1, for those comrades who do not know my position, let me say it:

Bij1 is not the first or the only party that intends to introduce evolutionary socialism into the system, this trend has existed since the early 1900s, this trend has existed for more than one hundred and twenty years. Parties who entered the system in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s whose evolutionary socialism was a thousand times stronger and politically better than bij1, but nothing changed, and even the situation worsened. The system does not seek change but only seeks to manipulate the working class with the presence of parties that believe in evolutionary socialism within itself, because evolutionary socialism gives the system an opportunity to turn the revolutionary-socialist potential of the working class into reformism. Comrades, our anarchist culture is a struggle to organize the working class to overthrow capitalism and state, not to participate in elections to vote for evolutionary socialism. Evolutionary socialism means insulting the blood and struggle of all the revolutionary comrades who entered the class war for revolutionary socialism against the system.

In 1919-1921, the black army of Ukraine and recently the revolution of Rojava, the historical proof that the real change is happening in society, not from within the system, let’s recall AZC Echt that how the immigrants organized themselves and stood up against COA and IND. They didn’t rely on evolutionary socialism, but they struggled towards revolutionary socialism. We fight because we hope, let’s not say that there is nothing in the Netherlands, so the only solution is evolutionary socialism. According to a revolutionary comrade, good days are ahead of us, these days will come only by revolutionary socialism, if we continue to rely on evolutionary socialism, the situation will always be the same. Evolutionary socialism and parties like bij1 that promote it are ultimately the puppets of the regime. Evolutionary socialism belongs to the system, it is legal only for this reason, and it faces the most severe repression in the face of revolutionary socialism, which is the real solution of the working class. As anarchists, we must not voluntarily help the regime in suppressing revolutionary socialism. Supporting evolutionary socialism is the greatest help to the system in suppressing revolutionary socialism. Supporting evolutionary socialism not only does not really improve the situation of the oppressed but only legitimizes the regime’s repression against social strugglers. It is not evolutionary socialism that liberates the working class, but it is the social strugglers who liberate the working class by relying on revolutionary socialism. Comrades, I have no personal enmity with any person in bij1, my enmity is with evolutionary socialism and those who promote it, because I know how history has shown that evolutionary socialism, by giving legitimacy to the regime, makes the most severe repressions against the revolutionary part of the working class. I am a soldier, and I am struggling to overthrow the state and capitalism. I have been imprisoned for this struggle, I have been tortured, even my body is broken under torture and I do not have an easy life, like many of my comrades who have the same situation as me; let me be clear, the evolutionary socialism is social fascism, and these who seek for evolutionary socialism have no place in the revolution.

Abtin Parsa

May 20th, 2021

The photo was made by the local anarchist federation in so-called Iran and Afghanistan, I use it here because I found it helpful to express my ideas.


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