World Resistance Day for Rojava November 2nd, 2019

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World Resistance Day for Rojava
November 2nd, 2019

The revolution in Northeast Syria will prevail, fascism will be smashed

At 4pm on October 9th, the Turkish occupation army and its Islamist allies began their longprepared
war of aggression against the liberated areas of northern Syria

At four o’clock sharp in the afternoon, bombs rained down on people in towns and villages on
the border. Jihadist militias began their advance under the leadership of the Turkish army and
tried to penetrate into the border area. Turkey is talking about a “military operation” aimed at
“securing the border” and establishing a so-called “peace corridor”, but the fact is that the
Turkish army and the Islamist mercenaries under its command are concerned with nothing less
than the occupation of the mostly Kurdish populated entire area along the Turkish-Syrian border

The regime in Ankara speaks of the “fight against terrorism” and emphasizes that their war of
aggression is not about the war on the civilian population, but indiscriminate bombing of civilian
settlements, looting and mass deportations of hundreds of thousands of people, arbitrary
executions and the brutal abduction of hundreds of civilians speak a different language. The
further the war against northern Syria progresses, the more it becomes clear, what Erdogan is
really about, namely ethnic cleansing through the violent expulsion of millions of people and the
long-term demographic change of the entire region

In the north of Syria, in the shadow of the Syrian civil war, a revolutionary and democratic social
project has thrived in the past seven years that has been a thorn in the side of the region’s powers
and imperialist states from the very beginning. The societies of Northeastern Syria established
their own self-government and created an oasis of peace, based on the equal coexistence of all
groups of the local population, the liberation of women, an ecological economy and radical
democracy. The Democratic Federation of Northeast Syria has become a living example of a
peaceful and democratic future for the Middle East, beyond local despotism and foreign rule

Finally, the defense forces of the peoples of northeastern Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces,
succeeded in smashing the last remnants of the Turkish-based IS caliphate

Today, Islamist militias, most of them fighters of the Islamic State and al-Qaeda, are advancing
again with the Turkish occupation offensive in northern Syria and spreading fear and terror. The
states of the International Coalition, above all the United States of America, have paved the way
for the Turkish war of aggression with their coordinated withdrawal of troops. They gave away
their former allies to destruction and sacrificed the peoples of northeastern Syria to their filthy
interests. The states of the world have agreed to close their eyes while the Turkish occupation
army and its jihadists are committing a genocide with NATO weapons

But we will not stand by and witness in silence the massacres that take place in the eyes of the
world today. Only a broad and resistant anti-war movement will stop this war. Just as people
were pouring worldwide into the streets against the Vietnam War or the US invasion of Iraq in
۲۰۰۳, the conscience of humankind must rise in revolt today in the face of the Turkish barbarism
in northern Syria

On November 1st, 2014, millions of people around the entire world took to the streets for a day to
express their solidarity with the heroic resistance of Kobanê. We call for this year’s November
۲nd to be a day of global resistance against the Turkish War of Aggression, to break the normal
situation and to paralyze life. Participate in creative and diverse actions of civil disobedience,
demonstrations, and many more, and take over the streets and public spaces. As long as the
killing continues, the resistance must not stop

The revolution in Northeast Syria will prevail, fascism will be smashed!


آدرس و اسامی صفحات مرتبط با اتحادیه آنارشیستهای ایران و افغانستان

Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran, May 24, 2018

P.S:The possibility of joining new people and groups of anarchists will be permanent

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آنارشیستهای خراسان یکی از اعضای تشکیل دهنده ” اتحادیه آنارشیستهای ایران و افغانستان” می باشند که در ایران حضور دارند.


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