Hasse Golkar نیما گُلکار

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”When the Mirror shows the truth of what you are,
Smash yourself instead of the mirror”!
Iranian Proverb

Why do we adults and “political adults” cry crocodile tears for Greta? Wouldn’t it be better for us to roll up our sleeves ourselves and go out into the streets and do something to save the next generation, instead of admonishing her with sitting on Parliament chairs and behind computers

With the eye-catching and unmatched success of the history in the global environmental organization, the sixteen-year-old Swedish student “Greta Tunberg”, on the one hand, drove a lot of political frustration, especially on the neoliberal front, Donald Trump and his partners, and on the other melted the ice of those traditional left movements with lack of climate planning. And she has turned it into a powerful tsunami in the service of the younger and conscious generation. At the UN Climate Summit, on September 23, 2019 she was transformed into a roaring young lion and rebelled against the wolf and fox leaders. But will the iron-clad rusty cage of the Global Capitalist System succeed in preventing her freedom and success and the other young and future generations

With a quick surfing of the social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter, on one hand can easily and unequivocally discover the secret resistance of the traditional and fanatical left with its supporters, just like the kind kindergarten moms in the form of a defender for “Children’s Rights”, on the other hand, we will see the vengeful attacks of right-wing forces that says: “How can an immature young girl like Greta have such a political activity !? They believe that political activity is only in the “mature” adult monopoly !! They are suspicious of a political conspiracy and think that children should have their childhood, and are better off going to school instead of demonstrating on the streets
Argument? -: Because such conscious children can be abused by the propaganda machinery! Okay, let’s just say, as what they say is true, so what kind of social class gains from such scientific revelations against the corrupt and hypocritical Capitalist System, if not for the working people? Does Donald Trump’s fascist mockery of Greta Thunberg on Twitter not arouse our political conscience

Greta Thunberg has said several times in lectures and demonstrations of “Friday’s strike for the Climate”, and I have tried to the best of my ability to reflect them. And now I take up again, a short excerpt

– This movement has no leader. It is managed by other conscious and committed young people and not by myself

-Why should we study for a future that is being taken away from us

– Because no one else does anything, so it is my moral duty to do what i can. i want people to open their eyes because we are in a seriously climate crisis

– The world leaders, politicians and the media has lied to us young people so much that in the end we had to sacrifice our school and education hours and took the flag of struggle against climate change in our own hands, because most adults have lost the courage to speak the truth

– They criticize us for not going to school, but in response we say: What do you do yourself? Then come on the streets and strike instead of us and do something! We need your adult support more than ever

– We have gathered here to ask you adults to listen to the researchers’ reports, reflect on and thus dare to take responsibility for it. We are not here for any discussion, as that time has now passed

– We are now at a historical turning point, and the reason we are here today is to organize the front. We have chosen to stand by the right path of history

– We have gathered here to clear away the dirt from our fathers and mothers, and we will never stop fighting until we have reached our final goal

In the end, Greta Thunberg’s mother “Malena Ernman”, a well-known Swedish opera singer who has a clear anti-fascist-anti-racist political stance, has explained like this to defenders of the “Conspiracy Theory” on her Facebook in Swedish on January 7, 2019, and it is worth mentioning that most of the hateful and sarcastic attacks against Greta have been carried out and will be carried out precisely by fascists and racists in Sweden and other parts of the World

”A lot is written about my daughter Greta. And in Sweden, what is written is very different from the rest of the world. So I was going to clarify some things
Greta got the idea for the ”school strike” of ”Bo Thorén” environmental activist from the group “Fossil Free Dalsland”. He contacted Greta and some other young people after she came second in the Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet’s writing competition for the climate in May 2018. He had the idea of a school strike from the school shootings in Florida where the children refused to go to school because of what had happened. But no one was interested in doing it, so Greta decided to do this action herself

We as parents advised her not to support him because we have to make sure she must goes to school. She has none and has never had anyone “behind” her. She did all the planning herself
Last month, she received voluntary, ideal assistance to handle all international press requests. Otherwise, she has absolutely no help or support from any “PR agency” at any time. She supports some non-profit organizations such as Greenpeace, 350.org, We Dont Have Time and Every Breath Matters, but she has not received any financial compensation for something. And so it will remain. We pay for travel, food and accommodation ourselves and she travels on school-leave or with the school’s consent

There is no one who has planned or encouraged her to do what she does. And she has no connections to something that is not – what we are aware of – merely a nonprofit activity
Our family has together written a book about the Climate that is about Greta and her sister Beata and how they have aroused our involvement including the climate issue. When this book was released, we clearly stated that all possible profits will go to various organizations that work with climate, environment, animal rights issues and children with special needs. There you can read, among other things, about how Greta’s climate interest began and how it came to change the lives of our entire family. It is available in pocketformat as close to self cost price as possible

One of Greta’s speech at the UN Climate Summit in Katowice [Poland] which she held in plenary on December 12 – is claimed by some to be a conspiracy of Sweden’s Television – SVT – and the “Globalists”. Others say it was held “in a break”. Of course, that’s not true. She spoke for Climate Justice Now / Climate Justice Constituency and it was scheduled – as always with regard to NGOs (non-governmental organizations), to be late on night

Greta’s speech was first broadcast by the American “Democracy Now” in the afternoon of December 13, and then it went viral all over the world. It was shared by all major media in Europe. All major newspapers in Germany and France. Washington Post, CNN, USA Today, India Times, Al Jazeera, AFP, BBC etc and virtually all major web sites sharing viral clips and movies
It was retweeted hundreds of thousands of times and shared millions of times on Facebook. Three clips that I have followed on facebook have over 26 million views. And there are thousands of different clips shared around the world … Greta’s speech was included in the year chronicle on CNN and Germany’s largest TV channel ZDF. It has been shared by artists such as Leonardo di Caprio, Mark Ruffalo, Nina Hagen and Lenny Kravitz. And politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

The UN Secretary-General said in a press conference on Friday December 14 about Greta that “she gave a fantastic speech” and that he “wished he could make such speeches himself.”
Browse through Greta’s twitter feed so you get a small picture of how viral the speech became
All other criticism I read addresses Greta fully in her TEDx talk: (https://youtu.be/EAmmUIEsN9A)

Apart from possibly the fact that we should not listen to her because she is only 16 years old. But it is easily solved !! No one needs to listen to Greta. It is enough that we listen to all the overwhelming amount of research that she refers to and assumes. For none of what Greta says is new. It has been said by countless researchers time and time again. The problem is that almost no one wanted to listen. And that those who still really do not want us to listen continue to think of every conceivable reason for it to remain so.”

PS. Greta herself is definitely not surprised by this. She says that “all those who criticize have one thing in common and that is that they do not understand the full meaning of the climate crisis and if you do not, then what I do is completely incomprehensible. Of course, I had expected that. ”

Hasse Golkar

نیما گلُکار


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