Gozareshgaran’s appeal

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In condemnation of the medieval sentences by the Islamic Republic’s unjust courts against the labor activists and their supporters


Based on the latest news received, heavy sentences have been issued for the ‘’accused’’ Haft Tappeh workers and their supporters


The ‘’accused’’, are the representatives and the supporters of those who produce the wealth, but they do not benefit from anything

Gozareshgaran’s appeal

For a lengthy period of time, in our country, Iran, the workers ‘representatives and their supporters are held captive in dungeons, under torture, with anti-workers, and in inhuman conditions


The torture in Iran is rampant, and the unjust Islamic Republic’s courts are denying human rights and the righteous workers demands. The workers are held in the most dreadful prisons, and suffer inhumane conditions, because they have dared to complain for their human rights and litigations. Their peaceful protests to their harsh living conditions have been faced with the most unbelievable harsh sentences


The horror, and the very anti-workers and inhumane behavior of the Islamic Republic, against the workers ‘demands and rights, are a reflection of the workers’ struggles and the mass protests, that have taken place in our country, Iran


The verdicts for the ‘’accused’’ are as following


  • The representative of Haft Tappeh workers, Ismail Bakhshi, has been sentence to 14 years imprisonment
  • Mohammad Khaninfar, a Haft Tappeh worker to 6 years, and
  • SepidehGholian, a worker’s supporter to 18 years imprisonment
  • The editorial staff of Gham Newspaper, Amir Hossein Mohammadifard, SanazAllahyari, AsalMohammadi, and Amirgholi, each has been sentenced to 18 years imprisonment, whilst the sentence of Ali Nejati has not yet been determined by the unjust Islamic court

The issue of more than 110 years imprisonment for the seven ‘’accused’’ people of Haft Tappeh’s case, illustrates, the depth of the hostility and hatred of the Islamic regime’s leaders, towards the workers and toilers of our country, Iran


Ibrahim Reisi, who was a member of Board of Death for political prisoners, in the summer of 1988, organised the execution of more than 5000 helpless political prisoners and today, as the head of the Iranian judiciary, and in the foremost position in this unjust Islamic Republic ‘courts, is determined to issue the long term jail sentences, and gradual incremental killing of the civil labor activists, political prisoners, and prisoners of conscience in Iranian jails


Needless to say, the accumulated workers’ demands in past years, not only did not receive any decent response, but also any talk of them will be faced with severe punishment. Despite the arrests and torture of the workers’ representatives, these demands still exist, and as long as this is the case, the struggle of the workers and toilers in our country will continue indefinitely


We, the political, social, cultural, artistic and labor activists, whilst condemning the issue of these cruel, and anti-workers sentences, call for the utmost unity of workers, to counter this situation, and declare that we will not remain silent, against the repressive policy of the Islamic Republic


 We, the political, social, cultural, artistic and labor activists,, express our disgust, with these inhuman and unjust verdicts, and call on all organizations concerning freedom and equality, to express their protests to the general public, globally





۸ September, 2019-09-09


The names of the supporters


Ali Pichgah – Labor activist

Amador Navidi – Political and media activists

ArdeshirMehrdad – political Analyst

Ali Broumand – Labor activist

Akbar Karimian – political activist

Ahmad Azizpour – political activist

ArashKamangar – Political and media activists

Amin Bayat – political Analyst

Akbar Deylami – Labor activist

Ali Etedali – Political activist

AsgharZeynodin – Political activist

Amir Mirzaian – Political activist and former political prisoner

Abas Rahmati – Political activist

Ali Mobaraki – Labor activist

Ali Damavandi – Political and media activists

Ali Satari – Political activist and former political prisoner

Abas TakloBighash – Political activist

Ali Rasouli – Political activist

ArdalanMahmoudi – Political activist

Abas Hashemi – Political activist

Abas Bigdeli – Political activist


Ahmad Mohseni – Political refugee and cultural and artistic activist

Ahmad Etehadi

AzadehDrah –  Political and media activists

BagherEbrahimzadeh – Political activist and former political prisoner

BaharehSelki – Women’s rights activist and refugee advocate

Bahman Yousefi – political activist

BehzadBarkhodai – Labor activist

Bahram Soltani – human rights activist

Bahram Rahmani – Writer and political analyst

Behrouz Arefi – Translator and political activist

Behrouz Farahani – Labor activist

BehzadKarimi – Political analyst

Behrouz Sooren – Political activist and former political prisoner

Behnam Changai – Labor activist

BijanNiabati – Political analyst

BijanSaidpour – Political and media activists

Dr. Zahra Shams

DavoudAhmadloo – Political analyst

EbrahimRahmanian – Political analyst

EbrahimPouyan – Political analyst

EbrahimAvokh – Political activist and former political prisoner and media activists

Ehsan Sabet – labor unions activistEsmailFatahi – human rights activist FarzanehGeramiFaribaSabet – Activist of the women’s movement and former political prisonerFarhangGhasemi – Writer and political analystFereydoonJavanmardiFarhadRostami – Human rights activist and refugee advocateFereydoonShahniMansouri – Political activistFaridParsa – Political refugee and asylum defenderFatolahKhalili – Political activist and member of the Gutenberg Iranian Refugee Association GholamAsgari – labor activist in exileGisooShakeri – Exiled protest artist and singerGholam Reza Morshedian – musicianGolchin seyedMomeni – Women’s rights activist Hossein Mahini – Filmmaker and photographerHedayatSoltanzadeh – political analystHesamYavari – Political activist and atheistHamid Reza Pour Ghasemi – Political activistHamid Reza Rahimi – Poet and satiristH. Riahi – Political activist and former political prisonerHoushangAhmadzadehHasan Hesam – Poet and Political analystHeshmatVardasbi – Political prisoner of the two systemsHasan Azizi – TranslatorHasan Najeb Hashem – human rights activistHossein Naghpour – Political and media activistsHamid Jahanbakhsh – Active and political analystHajarJahedifar – Political refugeeHossein NourZandiHeshmatMohseni – Political activistHelen Habibi – Women’s rights activist and Refugee Rights ActivistHadiAminian IrajHeydari – Political activist JalehSahand – Political activistJamshidSafapour – Labor activistJalal HasaniJafarHosseinzadeh – Political activist K. Alvand – political analystKhosroShahriari – Researcher, writer and director of theaterKitash Shams – Political activistKhodamoradFouladi – political analystKimia RakhshaniMehr – Refugee Rights ActivistKambiz Gilani – PoetKaveh Dadgari – Former labormovementactivistandformerpoliticalprisoner Mohsen Rezvani – Labor activistMinooHomeyli – Political activist and former political prisonerManijehFathniaMehrafaghMoghimiNiaki – Political activist and former political prisonerManouchehrTaghaviBayat – Political analyst and former professor at the universityMahboobehJahedifar – Women’s rights activist and Political activistMohamad TofighAsadi – Political activistMajid Darabeygi – Political activist and former political prisonerMajid MoshayediMahvashRashidiBirgani – Women’s rights activist and refugee advocateMasoudForouzesh Rad – Political activist and former political prisonerMohamad Reza Hadipour – Political activist and defender of asylumMehrdadAhangar – Political activistMohamad Asangaran – Political activistMohamad TaghiSeydahmadi – Political activistMajid Falah – Political activistMohamad Ali Nejad – Attorney at law, political prisoner and political activistMohamad NavidZarei – Political activist and defender of asylumMohsen Izadi Amoli – Asylum DefenderMohamad KoufianMohamad Reza Eskandari – journalistMahboubehKoohi – Civilactivist Nima AminipourNasrin Ahmadi – Active Union ofNursesNahid Nazemi – Women’s rights activist and Political activistNargesAlidousti – Women’s rights activist and Political activistNader Sani – Teacher and political and social activistNooshafarinJafari – defender of asylumNeda Noavar – Women’s rights activist Omid Mohamadieh – defender of asylum ParvinRiahi – Women’s rights activistParvizDavarpanah – Political and media activistsParvizMirmokri– PoetPordelZare – Political activistPiroozZoorchang – Political activist and former political prisonerPouyaMohamadi – Political activistPouyaJusefi RasoulShokati – Political activist and former political prisonerRanjbarFekri – Political activist and defender of asylumReza Bishetab – PoetRojinAmiri – Women’s rights activist Soraya Fatahi – Political activistSedighJahani – Labor activist and media activistShahlaAbghari – Political activist and university professorShahriarBordbarShervinRaha – Labor activistSaid Behbahani – Homeland Television DirectorSiamakJahanbakhsh – Political activistSiamakMoayedzadeh – Labor activistSiavoshAbghari – Political activist and university professorSoraya Vardasbi – Political prisoner of the two systemsSoraya Nazari – human rights activist and defender of asylumSoheylaParniaSedighehBanivaheb – defender of asylumSinaMahdavian – Lawyer and human rights activist and refugee advocateSiavoshShamsai – Political activistSiavoshNazari – Political activistShahab Falahi – Political activist and defender of asylumSiavoshKarsaz – human rights activist  Tofigh Mohamadi – Political analystandAsylum-seekerTahereh Khorami – Family psychiatristTaghi Rouzbeh – Political analystTeherehSaadat – Political activistTayebehAsgharzadeh – Civil activist

ZohrehMehrjoo – Poet

Zahra Shirvieh – defender of asylum

Signed by organizations

Iranian Left Alliance Abroad

Iranian Refugee Association – Gutenberg

International Film Festival in Exile – Sweden

Workers’ Solidarity Committee of Iran and Sweden

The Corner of Solidarity with the Labor Movement in Iran – FrankfurtCoordination Council Against the Murder of the Islamic Republic – Cry of Khavaran

EsmailKhoyi Foundation

Swedish Socialist Association

Democratic Center for Refugees

Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan

Freedom of Thought and Expression Foundation

Iran Info Viena

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Radio Payam – Canada


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Rahe Kargar News


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BazAfariniVagheiat ha






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۶ – فیسبوک بلوک سیاه ایران
۷ – فیسبوک آنارشیستهای همراه روژاوا و باکورAnarchists in solidarity with the Rojava
۸ – فیسبوک دفاع از زندانیان و اعدامیان غیر سیاسی
۹ – فیسبوک کارگران آنارشیست ایران
۱۰- فیسبوک کتابخانه آنارشیستی
۱۱ – فیسبوک آنارشیستهای همراه بلوچستان
۱۲ – فیسبوک هنرمندان آنارشیست
۱۳ – فیسبوک دانشجویان آنارشیست
۱۴ – فیسبوک شاهین شهر پلیتیک
۱۵ – فیسبوک آنتی فاشیست
۱۶- تلگرام آنارشیستهای اصفهان و شاهین شهر
۱۷ – اینستاگرام آنارشیستهای اصفهان و شاهین شهر
۱۸- تلگرام آنارشیستهای شیراز
۱۹ – تلگرام ” جوانان آنارشیست ”
۲۰ - تلگرام آنارشیستهای تهران
۲۱ – اینستاگرام جوانان آنارشیست
۲۲ – گروه تلگرام اتحادیه آنارشیستهای افغانستان و ایران
۲۳ –  توییتر اتحادیه آنارشیستهای افغانستان و ایران - The Anarchists Union of Afghanistan and Iran
۲۴ – فیسبوک اتحادیه آنارشیستهای افغانستان و ایران
۲۵ – اینستاگرام اتحادیه آنارشیستهای افغانستان و ایران
۲۶ – کانال تلگرام خودسازماندهی مطالب گروه اتحاديه آنارشیست‌های افغانستان و ايران
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۲۸– اینستاگرام آنارشیستهای بوکان - ئانارکیستە کانی بۆکان
۲۹- کانال تلگرام کتابخانه شورشی
۳۰- کانال تلگرام ریتم آنارشی
۳۱- تلگرام آنارشیستهای اراک
۳۲- تلگرام قیام مردمی
۳۳- ماستودون عصرآنارشیسم
۳۴- فیسبوک آنارشیست‌های مزار شریف
۳۵- فیسبوک آنارشیست‌های کابل