ROJAVA, Kobani, By an Anarchist from Philippine

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The terrorist attacks by Daesh (ISIS) mercenaries attempting to occupy Kobani are being continued after over 125 days. Kurdish forces of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) continue to conduct operations to liberate the terrorist-occupied areas, on the other hand are leading mop-up operations in the liberated areas of the city

There are many funds and weaponry dedications to the Southern Kurdish forces – Peshmerga

But there are no direct helps to Rojava warriors who need urgent support

Peshmerga forces have sent forces and also weapons to Kobani, But the only way to cross the borders is the Turkish border. Turkey denies the need for any kind of supports to Kurdish forces

Erdogan’s government is strongly condemned to send weapons to the ISIS terrorists. There are many documents that prove Turkey has dedicated modern hospitals to ISIS. The main city to cure the terrorists is Istanbul

Thousands of Kurdish civilians in Turkey have protested to show their solidarity with people of Kobani. But they have been threatened to death by their government. More than 70 Kurdish civilians have been killed by Turkish police during past 3 months
During the last protest in Cizire 2 civilians killed and many wounded

The small city of Kobani is a key city for ISIS. They need this path to be connected to Turkish aids and weapons through the railway

Last week several rockets and suicide attacks by ISIS from the Turkish soils claimed to destroy main protections of the city borders. But they didn’t succeed

YPG units in Kobani need urgent supports of other countries. Because if ISIS occupies this city they will regain their power to attack other areas

Long Live Freedom

Long Live Rojava Revolution

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