Syrian Kurdistan: Violent clashes with jihadists

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Jihadists of the Islamic state (EI) which attack since August 19 Jazaa Kurdish region, on the border with Iraq, with heavy weapons, have suffered heavy losses against Kurdish fighters. Jihadists are trying to close the open for Yezidis who were stranded in the mountains of Sinjar humanitarian corridor

According to the People’s Defense Units (YPG), Kurdish army composed of men and women, the jihadists of IE including receiving reinforcements from the Syrian town of Deir ez-Zor launched a major attack against the border areas Jazaa, Bagara, Hamadan, and Zarga Ardjé

City Jazaa was released in February 2014 by YPG, after an operation against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (EIIL), forehead and the Al-Ahrar Nosra al-Sham group

140 jihadists KILLED

Intense fighting is taking place in these strategic areas where progress was stopped before jihadi resistance of Syrian Kurds since August 19

At least 140 jihadists of the Islamic State (AEs) were killed between 19 and 21 August, according to a report published by the press center of YPG. Fifteen are between Kurdish fighters killed, the statement from the center of the press

YPG say these jihadist enemies of humanity, want to close the open by Kurdish fighters after taking the town of Sinjar, in Iraqi Kurdistan, by jihadists, August 3 humanitarian corridor

Two hundred thousand people were saved through this corridor open security by YPG and fighters of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), while the plain of Sinjar wild massacres were committed by the AR

ATTACKS jihadists doomed

“These gangs have not achieved their goal and have suffered heavy losses. Their attacks are doomed to face the legendary resilience of our fighters,” the statement said

Western governments now speak, especially after the fall of Mosul, June 10, barbarity of these enemies of humanity, while the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant constantly committing crimes since their wild appearance Syria, especially to the Kurds with the support of foreign countries, including Turkey


“When this weapon is turned against them, they (the West) have realized the magnitude of threats,” said the commanding general of the YPG, Sipan Hamo, in an interview with news agency Firat News

“We fought with all our strength this barbaric and savage organization and continue to fight,” he has added

Syrian Kurds have always been a real bulwark against jihadists who undergoes many successive defeats for over two years to deal YPG, supported by the PKK, which has extensive experience of 30 years against the Ankara regime

YPG resumed in late July several hills around Kobani (Ain al-Arab in Arabic) at the hands of jihadists who used heavy weapons including shells, tanks and American thermal missiles transported from Iraq. Once the attacks were broken after three weeks of intense fighting in the region of Kobani, YPG had launched on July 22 a major operation to remove the assault forces of EIIL to prevent them to reorganize

آدرس و اسامی صفحات مرتبط با فدراسیون عصر آنارشیسم

Federation of Anarchism Era Social Media Pages

۱- آدرس تماس با ما
۲- عصر آنارشیسم در اینستاگرام
۳- عصر آنارشیسم در تلگرام
۴- عصر آنارشیسم در توئیتر
۵ – فیسبوک عصر آنارشیسم
۶ – فیسبوک بلوک سیاه ایران
۷ – فیسبوک آنارشیستهای همراه روژاوا و باکورAnarchists in solidarity with the Rojava
۸ – فیسبوک دفاع از زندانیان و اعدامیان غیر سیاسی
۹ – فیسبوک کارگران آنارشیست ایران
۱۰- فیسبوک کتابخانه آنارشیستی
۱۱ – فیسبوک آنارشیستهای همراه بلوچستان
۱۲ – فیسبوک هنرمندان آنارشیست
۱۳ – فیسبوک دانشجویان آنارشیست
۱۴ – فیسبوک شاهین شهر پلیتیک
۱۵ – فیسبوک آنتی فاشیست
۱۶– سایت عصر آنارشیسم
۱۷- فیسبوک میتینگ دهه هفتاد و هشتادی ها
۱۸- اینستاگرام ” دختران آنارشیست افغانستان ”
۱۹- اینستاگرام آنارشیستهای رشت
۲۰- تلگرام آنارشیستهای اصفهان و شاهین شهر
۲۱ – اینستاگرام آنارشیستهای اصفهان و شاهین شهر
۲۲- تلگرام آنارشیستهای شیراز
۲۳ – اینستاگرام آنارشیستهای شیراز
۲۴ – اینستاگرام آنارشیستهای گیلان
۲۵ – تلگرام ” جوانان آنارشیست ”
۲۶ - تلگرام آنارشیستهای تهران
۲۷ – بلوک سیاه Iranian Black Bloc توییتر
۲۸ –  اینستاگرام ” آنارشیستهای جنوب “
آنارشیستهای جنوب یکی از اعضای تشکیل دهنده ” اتحادیه آنارشیستهای ایران و افغانستان” می باشند که در ایران حضور دارند.
۲۹ – اینستاگرام ” آنارشیستهای خراسان“
آنارشیستهای خراسان یکی از اعضای تشکیل دهنده ” اتحادیه آنارشیستهای ایران و افغانستان” می باشند که در ایران حضور دارند.
۳۰ – گروه تلگرام آنارشیستهای بلوک سیاه
۳۱ – اینستاگرام جوانان آنارشیست
۳۲ – فیسبوک اتحادیه آنارشیستهای ایران و افغانستان
۳۳ – اینستاگرام بلوک سیاه آنارشیست
۳۴ – تلگرام آنارشیستهای اراک
۳۵ – تلگرام قیام مردمی
کانال قیام مردمی مخصوص آموزش تاکتیکهای مبارزات خیابانی و سازماندهی تظاهرات سراسری است.
۳۶– اینستاگرام جوانان آنارشیست
۳۷– اینستاگرام آنارشیستهای بوکان - ئانارکیستە کانی بۆکان
۳۸- کانال تلگرام کتابخانه شورشی