Thousands of Yezidi Kurds massacred

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The results of Sinjar is terrible, after the invasion of jihadists of the Islamic state (EI), according to initial reports. At least 3,000 Kurdish Yazidis are massacred 5,000 others would be removed 300 children and elderly people died of hunger and thirst in the mountains of Sinjar, where tens of thousands of people are stranded.

The enemies of humanity have committed terrible crimes after taking control of the region of Sinjar, August 3. Hundreds of thousands of Yezidis, a follower of a pre-Islamic religion in part after the Kurdish-speaking minority Zoroastrism, fled the area after the arrival of jihadists and declining peshmerga affiliated to the party of Kurdish President Massoud Barzani who have left without defense. Threatened with massacres, some 300,000 people took refuge in the mountains of Sinjar.

On August 4, the Syrian Kurdish fighters, the YPG, managed to reach the mountains to prevent the jihadists commit further massacres.

Taking control of the mountains, Kurdish fighters began to open humanitarian corridors to drive moved to the Syrian Kurdistan. The same day, the PKK fighters also arrived on site from the mountains of Kurdistan and launched attacks against the Islamic state.

The efforts of the Kurdish fighters could not prevent the death of at least 300 children and the elderly because of lack of food and water. Thousands of people have been rescued, according to Kurdish journalists who are in the mountains of Sinjar.

The exact toll of killings in the area by jihadists is not known, but the evidence and conducting a guerrilla fighters to repel the jihadists, at least 3,000 Yazidis were summarily executed, 5,000 other civilians including Hundreds of women were abducted. The fate of the abductees is not known.

It is feared that the balance sheet is even heavier. The population of tens of villages in Sinjar is estimated at 500,000 people. Of these people, 300 people fled to the mountains of Sinjar.

PKK fighters and YPG took control of several villages since August 4, killing dozens of jihadists. They continue to move forward in order to free the region. More than 1,000 young Yezidi and Kurdish hundreds more have joined the ranks of the resistance to fight the jihadists.


The PKK also sent reinforcements to Erbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, to organize the defense and stop the advance of the jihadists.

Responsible PKK Bese Hozat, said jihadist attacks unify the Kurds. “This is an historic period. This war will unify the Kurds,” said Bese Hozat, calling on young people to join the front!

A Makhmur, 40 km from Erbil, fighting resumed on August 8 after the arrival of PKK fighters on the front.

A Rabia, on the border with Syria, Syrian Kurdish fighters conducting operations “cleansing”. The city is already under the control of YPG, which destroyed four tanks on August 7 and killed at least 24 jihadists.

Thousands of Yezidi Kurds massacred

PKK fighters arrive in Erbil

2014-08-07 9:31:46

The jihadist alert was issued in the camp of Kurdish refugees Makhmur, about fifty kilometers south of Erbil. Many PKK fighters, down from the mountains, arrived in the area to organize the defense and stop the advance of the jihadists.

A charge of this camp Kurds of Turkey, said that women, children and elderly people were evacuated because of possible attacks by the jihadists of the Islamic state (EI).


The inhabitants of the camps, trained and disciplined goods because of their close links with the PKK, quickly created a militia of 1,000 fighters before taking control of strategic points in the area, midway between the major cities Mosul and Kirkuk.

Surprisingly quickly, the Workers’ Party of Kurdistan (PKK) sent its fighters and fighters on hand to organize the defense. Many residents of surrounding villages also joined the front alongside the PKK fighters and militia Makhmur.

The people of Makhmur had already sounded the alarm after the fall of Mosul, June 10, by jihadists known for their savage crimes and called on Kurdish authorities in Erbil to take action and provide weapons. But the request was denied.

Heavy fighting took place between the PKK and the jihadists near the town of Makmur, 15 km from camp Makhmur. There is a natural coordination between the PKK fighters, militiamen and peshmerga.


It appears that the intervention of the PKK and Kurdish Syrian fighters Rabia, in Sinjar and Makhmur broke the fear of the people of Kurdistan and restores strength and courage. It is also an intervention against the decline in the face of peshmerga jihadists. PKK fighters especially want to strengthen resistance and regain areas taken by jihadists.

Syrian Kurdish fighters, backed by the PKK, have already taken control of Rabia, on the border with Syria. This city was invaded by jihadists August 2, after the retreat of peshmerga. Units Defence of the People (YPG), Syrian Kurdish army and PKK fighters also arrived in the region of Sinjar, taken on August 3 by jihadists.

Kurdish fighters first took control of Sinjar mountains or tens of thousands of Kurdish Yazidis are blocked and threatened with massacres, before starting the evacuation. YPG and the PKK then launched a vast operation to “clean up” the area.Jihadists have killed hundreds of civilians including children and have abducted at least 1,500 people. Dozens of people, including 70 children, were also killed due to lack of food and water.

The military leader of the PKK Murat Karayilan, called August 4 Kurds to unite forces to halt the advance of the jihadists. “Let us form a united command. Prepare ourselves and wrest the EI areas it occupied, including Sinjar. This is possible,” he said, asking in particular the establishment of a joint military council.

“We can free Sinjar together, but if it does not, we will conduct a guerrilla war”, he further said, adding: “We will not let IE do what he wants here out there. We will do everything to prevent it. ”



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