Chernobyl Afro Punk’s interview with Black Block of Iran

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What do you think about the anarchist movement in its global form? What stage is it in? How do you see the future of anarchism

From our perspective , we believe that you can not make an overall assessment of the anarchist movement . Because depending on the country , the movement and the anarchist thought is developed to a greater or lesser extent. But you have to make a personal approach , we believe that anarchism is a line of progressive growth . Start slowly become aware to the population that the solution to this system is the fact not delegate our rights to private entities or institutions , which finance the different political parties. Self-management and the right to freedom is an idea that is slowly seeping into the minds of people , especially the young. We see this stage as a springboard for future generations . We see anarchism as an evolutionary leap in our society


When did you begin, when did you start to rebel? What is the history of your group or organisation? What activities have you had so far? What media resources do you have to advertise and make yourselves known to the public

Personally , I’ve been rebelling since childhood . Somehow since I was a child I have felt that our system , in almost all areas, not working. I think at the end of my studies I was very clear the kind of society in which he lived . Our activities range from support to various anarchist collectives , occupied self-managed centers , free spaces and direct action protests. And a close link with the CNT . National Confederation of Workers . We are a punk -rock band , and as such we use various media , whether social networks , radio , websites, etc


How many anarchist groups in the anarchist movement exist and how well is your movement moving forward

In our country there are all kinds of groups and organizations devoted entirely to broadcasting, defense and legitimization of freedom and the anarchist movement. Some were pioneers in the world: C.N.T F.A.I A.I.T The Black Hand Anarchist Black Cross Autonomous struggle Solidadridad International Libertarian to name a few. Currently all organizations and groups are focused on the dissemination and anarchist education

With which other anarchist groups in different countries are you in contact? Are you in contact with any other anarchist group in other countries

We are currently in contact with anarchist groups and organizations Noerte America and Europe

In which countries do you think anarchism has been most successful? What locations do you think anarchists have been most effective in social, cultural, and/or political matters

Creemos que no se puede hablar de éxito en lo que al movimiento anarquista se refiere. Aún queda mucho por hacer, muchas mentes que cambiar, y muchos valores que impartir. La lucha continúa

What has been the impact of your movement and resistance on your location

Our collective to forming a social network through which fucionan feminist groups, food banks, lectures and debates on anarchism, struggle against police repression and liberation of abandoned spaces. Creating Self-Managed Centers and Libraries. The anarcho-feminist movement is one of the strongest currently


With groups from which Middle Eastern countries are you in contact? Are you in contact with any Middle Eastern countries

Currently we know of no anarchist group or organization in the Middle East and therefore are not in contact with any

How much do you know about anarchist movements in Iran, Afghanistan and the Middle East in general

Sorry, we have no knowledge of anraquistas movements in the Middle East in general

What difficulties and limitation are you facing in your country? What about repression and imprisonment

Currently, in our country are living difficult times. Both political and economic. The parties that are at the top have proved incompetent, unfair and corrupt. Police repression has increased to a critical point. It is also being applied to the population laws against freedom of expression under penalty of imprisonment. But that does not stop the people take to the streets to fight for what they believe

Do you think in the recent years the anarchist tendency has increased in your country? What about other countries

We believe that the anarchist movement can only be exposed in full mesiante the education system. For the anarchist movement succeed and not remain stancado, we believe that reforming the education system altogether. It may take decades or even centuries. You can not “impose” anarchy, if not pass it and make an example of her. In other countries the anarchist movement is limited to small groups. In our view poorly organized. Except for Greece and France

 ؟ Please tell us about the history of anarchism in your country

In the Spanish territory anarchism historically won great support and influence. From the time of the First Republic (1873-1874) organizations were influenced by anarchism’s most powerful country. This influence would be repeated between 1918 and 1919, when a union organization based on anarchist principles, the National Confederation of Labour, managed to excel and bring together hundreds of thousands of workers. During the Second Republic and the Civil War in 1936 anarchism lived his most important years, highlighting their participation in the so-called Spanish Social Revolution of 1936, which took place after the coup Spanish army. This social revolution has been one of the few historical episodes in which anarchist ideas of social organization have been implemented on a large scale in the world. In 1977, during the transition, briefly anarchism would be a political, cultural and social option masses. But all anarchism has to do with the labor movement. There were individualists, Esperanto, for free, naturist, etc. current pedagogy. Also, today there are several similar anarchist currents as insurrectionalism, autonomy, veganism, queer theory, etc.. There also remains a labor movement (part of it) influenced by anarchism, although considerable lower than at other times

How do you think we can collaborate

The collaboration between anarchist movements between countries is essential, and the best way to help is to be in regular contact through information, private or public networks

Do you follow the platform of International Anarchist Activity or, due to special political situations in your country, do you have your own style and methods to operate

Act under collective consensus through popular assemblies held in private, within our own centers. We try to be as well coordinated and organized that we can

What do you think about the “Spanish Civil War” and the “Cronstadt rebellion” and how do you analyze these two important historical events in the context of the overall anarchist movement? Also what is your opinion about any other important historical movements in which anarchists played a significant role

The military uprising of July 19, 1936 had varying degrees of success in different regions of Spain

In Catalonia was unsuccessful because the workmen were prevented before a fascist uprising thus had had guarded the barracks from the 16th.’s People took to the streets on July 19. The weapons were scarce due to the government’s refusal to deliver them to the people who was armed with getting the enemy

The uprising had a certain importance to the principle in Gerona and Figueres, and other areas as Lleida and Tarragona did not even due to failure in Barcelona

The uprising was not successful and the people controlling the main areas. The people of rights defended in churches and convents, which caused the anger of the masses multiply

Thus on 20 Catalonia was in the hands of the revolution and the real government was fascist militias committee

Notably figures such as Durruti, Ascaso and García-Oliver, who died during the clashes

In Madrid the CNT had no such organization as in Barcelona and the first moments were characterized by confusion. The first news was very disturbing because they had raised all the barracks of Madrid who had to join the Toledo, Guadalajara and Alcala de Henares. This meant that the fascists had formed a circle around Madrid

The weapons used were the workers who removed the rebels

On July 20, falls on the first quarter, the Mountain, and the others follow. Other places like Alcalá de Henares had greater strength and fell on 21, but the place that pose difficulties for Guadalajara reconquista was because the rebels were well organized

Note that the CNT could not seize any printing press to publish “CNT” that had been occupied by socialists and communists

In the area of Levante highlights the inability of the authorities of Valencia who said that the garrisons were loyal to the Republic. At first there was great confusion because the radios were controlled by the government and the rebels. At this the two unions agreed and declared a general strike and day 20 is a revolutionary committee

The situation in Valencia was confusing because the barracks were not moving apparently arguing about himself rose or not. Something that discouraged the military to stand up was the presence of a vessel of war in the fair port of Valencia

They go by day and dismantling unions strike arise in the areas of food for a shortage was not given

After 15 days of waiting and confusion workers decided to storm the barracks

In Asturias the CNT proposed that the people take the weapons thing did not happen. The uprising was an immediate success in Oviedo, Gijón unlike where assault guards and police sided with the workers and redición civil guard achievement

In Aragon the uprising on July 19 was a great success, this was because it was perfectly planned. It had taken a disarmament and weapons workers had gone to the power of the rebels. To this we must add some ingenuity among union leaders who had relied too much on the civil governor

A Aragonese workers could only fit them expect workers from other areas of Spain the free themselves

In Galicia, July 19, news of the uprising in different parts of Spain are received, but until 21 Uprising lining Coruña was given. The heavy fighting for several days but the inequality between the two groups was that the fascists finally triumph

In the Basque Country a differentiation between rural areas had a deeply rooted the “Jesuitism” and was given mostly urban leftists

In Vitoria was an important garrison was an immediate success, but not in San Sebastián, Santander and Bilbao. All this will change because the factional forces will penetrate from Navarra, which were of great importance. This entry is easy due to the quietness of the peoples and rudimentary weapons they possessed

In Andalusia, the uprising was successful in principle different areas. In Sevilla, Queipo De Llano, seized the radio, which caused confusion among workers because no slogans were launched in favor of the rebels. In other areas such as Cadiz, the acting governor was key to not letting asaltasen barracks, thinking they were faithful. In Almeria highlights the attitude of the governor did not hesitate to hand over their weapons to the people. But finally in Andalusia, by the treachery of the military and the error by not allowing government troops disembarked, I made the uprising triumph

Finally we should speak of Ceuta and Melilla, where the spark of the uprising occurred on July 17, here the rebels had great power and soon take over the whole area. Previously people left, had been imprisoned. The uprising was an immediate success and became the peninsula here.

What are the features of an anarchist society

 Direct Action – Antiparliamentarism. – Self Management. – Individual Autonomy. – Civil Disobedience. – Mutual Support. – Internationalism. – Gender equality

Can you please tell us about the current political situation in your country

Decadent and obsolete


Is there anything else you would like to tell us

We welcome your questionnaire and encourage them to continue spreading the anarchist movement relentlessly. A big hug from the Raktor nº ۴

Strength, health and anarchy

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