Black Block of Iran Interview with Anti-authoritarian Anarchist Group from Sarajevo

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What do you think about the anarchist movement in its global form? What stage is it in? How do you see the future of anarchism

Salute comrades. First I would like to introduce myself: I am Kule, anarchist from anti-authoritarian and anarchist organisation from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Anarho-Čaršija and Slobodari

Well, anarchism in global form is very hard to estimate because there are very different streams in the world. If we are talking about european anarchism, in it’s current form, it is partly dividing from class struggle. That’s why we are trying to find our inspiration from other parts of the world. As our comrade, Michail Shraibman, said: “Perhaps anarchism in the form in which it is emitated by modern American and Western European anarchists has no future. 50 years is too much.” But libertarian socialists movements have existed for centuries before modern anarchism. We, supporters of the self-organization of workers, should’t focus on debates between modern anarchists, but on practice of the mass protest movements in our regions

When did you begin, when did you start to rebel? What is the history of your group or organisation? What activities have you had so far? What media resources do you have to advertise and make yourselves known to the public

I have started to develop my anarchist position in high school, but my real activities started year and half ago. I was, firstly, individual activist. In that time I became a part of Slobodari, contra-info Bosnian project. That project was gathering individuals who wanted to try to make a space for free-informations, anti-capitalists and anti-nationalist, because our society is based on nationalism and capitalism, since the end of war in 90’s. Then, in the time of protests in february 2014., when we burned government buildings in several towns, including president building in Sarajevo, and when 33 towns in Bosnia rised against system; people became interested in anarchist ideas. As we have been known in mass as “those guys/girls from Slobodari”, because such project was very interesting for wider public, we keept our name of project (on which we still work). As ‘descendants’ there are organisations Anarho-Čaršija and CC Brigade (Capital City Brigade) which have been also started their own contra-info projects, and several others (like new one – Molotov, From Bosnia to Anarchy). So, Slobodari now are not only internet project, but informal organisation. Slobodari can be anyone anywhere. It’s decentralized, and it became a little bit divided from project (we, people who gathered around project do not take responsibility for acts of any groups who call themselvs Slobodari, Anarho Čaršija or CC Brigade). Activities of such groups are going from attacks and sabotage to graffits on streets and banner hanging. Actions are always new and creative


How many anarchist groups in the anarchist movement exist and how well is your movement moving forward

Until february (from december 2012) we had around 20-30 people who were taking actions. Now, this number is very bigger and we are now talking about around 200 people in Sarajevo, Tuzla and Zenica

With which other anarchist groups in different countries are you in contact? Are you in contact with any other anarchist group in other countries

Yes. We are in contact with anarchist and anti-autoritarian groups from Belgium, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Slovenia, Greece, Romania, Brazil. And many others, but with organisations from this countries, we are conected also on personal level and we are very close comrades not just on politicial level. Which shall be the real relation between all anarchists, but, unfortunately, it isn’t, yet

In which countries do you think anarchism has been most successful? What locations do you think anarchists have been most effective in social, cultural, and/or political matters

If we are talking about contemporary movements, I think Greek anarchist movement did great step in building anarchist tradition. Also, there are Egypt, Turkish and Brazilian anarchist movements which are building their own tradition and are very inspiring for us

What has been the impact of your movement and resistance on your location

From latests events, our movement had great impact on social revolt in Bosnia in february. From that time we, actually, can speak about bosnian anarchist movement which is building day by day, and giving alternative to people. To understand the impact of anarchist movement in Bosnia, firstly you have to know that our country is 20 years raped by nationalists and capitalists, and first time after 20 years of national dividing in Bosnia since the end of war, people started to go out on streets together with other people from other nations and to speak about class struggle


With groups from which Middle Eastern countries are you in contact? Are you in contact with any Middle Eastern countries

We are in contact with Unity anarchist organisation from Palestine/Israel

How much do you know about anarchist movements in Iran, Afghanistan and the Middle East in general

Not much

What difficulties and limitation are you facing in your country? What about repression and imprisonment

We are having not really big limitations in our country because it is practicing “democracy” and freedom of speach. But, after february, several of our comrades and Slobodari activists are waiting for trial, because they are accused for terrorism (10 to 45 years in prison). Since oposition leader was resigned from position of cheif of police, we have daily raids and ‘preventive’ arresting

Do you think in the recent years the anarchist tendency has increased in your country? What about other countries

about a. tendency in my country I wrote already. unfortunently, it hasn’t been spreaded wider from Bosnia on other states in region, but social revolt is

 ؟ Please tell us about the history of anarchism in your country

there is actually no clear history of anarchism in Bosnia, except the movement Mlada Bosna whos members killed occupator Franz Ferdinand

How do you think we can collaborate

oh, we can collaborate in many ways. for a start, it would be good if you could spread informations about what is happening in your region, so we can translate it and spread it on Balkan, because there is very little info from middle east and it’s mostly from mass media

Do you follow the platform of International Anarchist Activity or, due to special political situations in your country, do you have your own style and methods to operate

We have our own methods and styles of operating – both, when it comes to actions, sabotages and protests

What do you think about the “Spanish Civil War” and the “Cronstadt rebellion” and how do you analyze these two important historical events in the context of the overall anarchist movement? Also what is your opinion about any other important historical movements in which anarchists played a significant role

I don’t prefer to be too much attached to historical moments. From that moments we can just learn and try to develop anarchist movement

What are the features of an anarchist society

To return us to us — united, equal people

Can you please tell us about the current political situation in your country

Well, after protests in february and resigns of some deputies, we have new repression wave – 6 comrade from Tuzla have been arrested and accused for terrorism. In this moment, we fight with disaster, floods which drowned several towns in Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia. State turned in this situation in silent and sluggish observer. And people? What people did? Oridinary, left, right, wealthy, poor, fat, skinny, religious, atheist, educated, uneducated – what they did? They self-organised! Solidarity and association based on necessity became quite natural order whose core is — feeling and understanding

So, we hope after this events and cataclysm of government (nationalist) we’ll be ready for mass social protests

Is there anything else you would like to tell us

We wish you strenght in your struggle



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