Support please; Apropos of a politic prisoner who is imprisoned in Evin Jail which is located in Tehran ,Iran .Dr.Naser Fahimi

9 سپتامبر اخبار روز

Support please; Apropos of a politic prisoner who is imprisoned in Evin Jail which is located in Tehran ,Iran .Dr.Naser Fahimi, a 44 year_old cosmetic specialist

Dr.Naser Fahimi , the Kurd politic prisoner who’s spending the 9th year of his 10 years conviction in Evin Jail

He has criticized the current ways of pressure and intimidation which are existed in Iranian jails and executive sustem through a letter, in order to address the Iranian govermental and executive system

According to the report of the defenders of Human Rights, Naser Fahimi, the imprisoned doctor in Evin Jail, who has convicted via the judge , Mr.Salavati, in the division of Enqelab Court number 15 on a charge of roorbacking, acting against national security, distracting public minds , insulting the leader , Mr.Khamenei, threating the executive positions

So he has convicted to discretionary custodial sentence. In addition, the functions of Iranian positions against politic prisoners have been criticized by him

He has declared that Iranian government is an extreme dictator which is accused the politic prisoners vagariously, like ; cahooty, evidance thievery, property theivery, roorbacking in order to belittle the politic prisoners .Thus they have transferred him frequently jail to jail , one bed to the others

Even he has banned from the most fundamental right in order to increase the mental pressure.Additionally, disrespecting, in attention, inadequacy, inconscionably,inequity,bullying etc, are the actions of Iran executive system against politic prisoners

He has closed the letter by stating thst the executive system is executing these instances inconscionably against the politic prisoners. And the dossiers of this political prisoners are the sign of government fear of awaken nation. It need to be noted that Dr .Naser Fahimi has already declared his formal demand in respect to “Annulment of Iranian Nationality ” that was supposed to be considered on the 7th of Bahman

۴۴ year _old Naser Fahimi , the politic prisoner from Kurdestan , Iran has been arrested in Tir, in 1389 by the Ministers of intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and he has been transferred ti Evin Jail in order to be inquested , then in 1393 he has sent to the Great Tehran Jail. After spending 2 years there , in 1395, he has transferred to Evin Jail , part 8 ,Andarzgah number 10

This Kurd politic prisoners who is suffering from severe heart disease is banned from being attended in hospital out of the jail,additionally he has been turmented by executive system because of being Kurd

As an approve we can point two seperate sentences about being discretionary custodial sentenced and 14 lashes in charge of insulting the judicial power agent in the court which was done by the division number 1051 of Iranian Judicial Complex. Also he is banned from being visited by his own family



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