A very large demonstration in several European cities for the release of Abdullah Öcalan + Video clips

تظاهرات بسیار بُزرگ در چندین شهر اُروپائی برای آرادی عبدالله اوجلان + ویدئو کلیپ

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By Hasse-Nima Golkar

According to social media reports, tens of thousands of freedom-minded people demonstrated in several European cities including Cologne-Germany on February 17, 2024. They demanded Öcalan’s release after 25 years in prison.

Abdullah Öcalan was born on April 4, 1949, in south-eastern Turkey. He is the founder and leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), formed in 1978.

After the fascist military coup in Turkey in 1980, Öcalan had to flee to Syria. Due to the pressure of the Turkish state against the Syrian state in 1998, he sought another sanctuary in Russia, Sweden, Germany, and Italy among others, but none of these capitalist states were willing to accept him. Finally, he was allowed to enter the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. There he was kidnapped on February 15, 1999, with the help of several countries’ security agents belonging to the USA, Israel, Greece, … and handed over to the Turkish security police.

Abdullah Öcalan was first sentenced to execution on June 29, 1999, accused, among other things, of “high treason and separatism”. This sentence was later converted to life imprisonment, when Turkey abolished the death penalty in 2002, mainly under pressure from the European Union.

After the handover to the fascist Turkish state, Öcalan was taken to an isolation cell in the high-security prison “Imrali” in the Sea of Marmara. Where he is still guarded under very strict inhumane conditions, without the slightest contact with the outside of the prison.

During imprisonment, Abdullah Öcalan has left his Marxist-Leninist ideology, and influenced by, among others, the eco-anarchist Murray Bookchin, he has approached to a part of the libertarian socialism, under the concept of “democratic confederalism”, which consists of a grassroots form of democratic (local) societies, without some “nation-state”. A version of this project is currently practiced in northern and eastern Syria, Rojava.

The world-famous socio-political slogan “Woman-Life-Freedom” is one of Abdullah Öcalan’s revolutionary ideas that was presented in 2013 at a Kurdish women’s conference in Paris-France.




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