Biography of Anarchist Fighters of Iran’s Geography (No. 9)

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I was born in 2003. The ups and downs of my life have not been like those of other comrades. However, the pain of others has bothered me since my school days. Whenever I asked my family, they said to mind my business. But, how was it that I was in a warm dress in winter, and I saw many people on the street looking for a piece of bread in the trash cans in the coldest time of the year?

My father was a retired employee. I learned about anarchism for the first time by reading the ABC of Anarchism book that my sister’s friend gave me, and on the first page was an email from a friend. I was so transformed reading the book that I could not even return home. When I saw the pain of my friends, the death of my parents was no longer a great sadness for me. When my comrades have gone through tragedies such as rape, death, imprisonment, etc., who am I to say of my pain?

I have worked in an affinity group for three years, and my passion for fighting alongside my comrades for an equal world has safeguarded my life. We have been at war day and night in the last year and so. We are fighting against a government that kills people covertly, steals the bodies of fighters, and imprisons and tortures their survivors. We die in silence. They don’t march for us, and they don’t hear our name.

We are at war with a government armed to the teeth every day, a government that has the most prisoners of conscience in the world. A government that would not stand any opposing opinion, and no one in the world cares about how many executions, assassinations, tortures, murders, and imprisonments have taken place since 1979. We are at war day and night with such executioners that the world appeases them, ignore their bloody hands, and legitimizes them.

However, However, However, as long as a comrade, a fighter, a libertarian, and an anarchist breathes, no government and no power would be safe. We defeat the enemy with empty hands and make them a lesson for the ages.

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