حمید نوری، یک جَلاّد فاشیستِ ایرانی در سوئد به حبس اَبد محکوم شده است

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By Hasse-Nima Golkar

For the first time in Swedish legal history, one of the most significant international criminal cases happened in the Stockholm District Criminal Court and then in the Court of Appeal with case number B15255-19, against the Iranian citizen Hamid Noury, born on April 29, 1961.

Based on an international agreement (Universal Jurisdiction for International Crimes) ratified by the Swedish government in 2014, the judiciary of this country handles cases related to all “Crimes Against Humanity” that have occurred worldwide.

Hamid Noury, as an assistant prosecutor, served in the summer of 1988 in direct cooperation with the “Death Commission” in Gohardasht (Rajai Shahr) Prison in the city of Karaj, located in the western capital of Tehran. There, he actively participated in the execution of several thousand political prisoners from July 30, 1988, to August 16, 1988. The bodies of all the murdered prisoners were transported out of the prison by trucks and then buried in secret mass graves in multiple cities in Iran. Several of these mass graves have been discovered by the surviving families so far. One of these mass graves is called “Khavaran,” located in the southeast of Tehran.

It is said that the orchestration of the “Death Commission” took place based on Ayatollah Khomeini’s written order on July 28, 1988; some of its prominent members included Sharia Judge (Hossein- Ali Nayyeri), Attorney General (Morteza Eshraghi), the representative of the Intelligence Service (Mustafa Pour- Mohammadi), and Deputy Prosecutor (Ebrahim Raisi / current President) …

On November 4, 2019, an email stamped “Strictly confidential” containing specific information from a law firm based in London reached the Stockholm Police’s Criminal Investigation Unit. It stated that Hamid Noury (under the pseudonym Hamid Abbasi) is to travel from Iran to Sweden on the 8th or 9th of November 2019. He is suspected of “Crimes Against Humanity”. Therefore, based on the “Universal Jurisdiction for International Crimes,” Hamid Noury was arrested on November 9, 2019, by the border police at Arlanda International Airport, located in northern Stockholm.

The Court began its work on August 10, 2020, with more than ten thousand pages of documented evidence, most indisputable. After 92 sessions with the participation of about a hundred plaintiffs, eyewitnesses worldwide, and various experts, Hamid Noury’s trial ended on May 5, 2022.

The Swedish prosecution team (consisting of four women) in their final defense against Hamid Noury on April 28, 2022, said: Based on the premise that Hamid Noury had committed a “Serious war crime against humanity” is requested the harshest punishment, namely “LIFE IMPRISONMENT” as well as lifelong deportation from the country after the sentence time has ended and the payment of financial damages to the families of the victims of this crime. Subsequently, the Stockholm District Criminal Court jury approved this prosecutor’s request on July 14, 2022. The exact life imprisonment time for murder in Sweden is not in the statute book, but according to the Criminal Sentence Code, this can be at least ten to eighteen years long.

Hamid Noury stubbornly denies his criminal role in the Gohardasht Prison in the summer of 1988. He does not want to accept any responsibility whatsoever for the massacre of the political prisoners. He claims that “the conduct of this trial in Sweden lacks credibility, and all these stories from the plaintiff’s and eyewitnesses’ side are based on fabrications and lies.”

The Defense lawyers of Hamid Noury protested and refused this decision. Therefore, they wanted to pass this case on to the “Svea Court of Appeal” in Stockholm.

After the retrial of this case on January 11, 2023, which took place in Attunda District Court in northern Stockholm, the jury in the Court of Appeal has announced its final verdict today, December 19, 2023. The Court of Appeal has decided to approve the verdict from the Stockholm District Court against Hamid Noury.

Now, with this conviction based on the Principe of “Universal Jurisdiction for International Crimes” in one of the European Criminal Courts (Sweden) against Hamid Noury as one of the active agents of the “Death Commission,” the legal follow-up case is open and also applies to all other members and colleagues in this commission. This means that if any of them travel to any European country, there is the possibility that these persons will be arrested and persecuted.

The Capitalist Shia Islamic State [“Islamic Republic of Iran”] under the fascist leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini took power on 11 February 1979. Since then, two significant massacres against political-ideological prisoners have taken place in the summers of 1980 and 1988. For obvious reasons, there are no exact statistics yet. Still, it is said that several thousand dissidents were tortured during interrogation and then sentenced to death in a short “trial” of a few minutes without the presence of any defense lawyer. In this regard, numerous prisoners have also disappeared without a trace.

It should be noted that there have long been rumors that there may be an agreement between the ruling politicians in Sweden and Iran regarding an exchange between Hamid Noury in Sweden and some Swedish and Iranian prisoners in Iran. This is always a non-zero chance given these capitalist states’ good relationship and economic-political interests.



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