Short political statement regarding the letter of the Dutch prosecutor to me

Abtin Parsa

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After about three months of the most severe pressure and white’s torture by the repression mechanism of the Dutch regime, in early February 2022, by order of the prosecutor, I was temporarily but officially released from the state of persecution.
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The murderous neoliberals, the criminal soldiers defending capital * This prison was made by them *

Dutch state terrorism thinks that it can stop or divert the legitimate struggle of the proletariat by persecution, control, and pressure, but the government and its mercenaries must get rid of this delusion.

The revolutionary resistance and struggle of the proletariat have never been affiliated with the micro-bourgeois, sentimentalist, and reformist currents, but on the contrary, has always stood against these deviant currents. The dialectic of the historical struggles of the proletariat, especially in the 1970s and 1980s, shows well that, although in some cases social-fascist currents have been able to shift the revolutionary path of the proletariat from socialist-revolutionary to socialist-evolutionary, in the end, the oppressed class movement stands against these false and antagonistic currents. Today in the Netherlands, we, the proletarian class (immigrants), are oppressed on the one hand by the capitalist state in the form of a murderous social democracy and on the other by social-fascist currents such as the Bij1 party and its micro- bourgeois supporters in the anarchist/left space. They try to push the proletariat into revolutionary socialism, which is nothing but the gentle manipulation and suppression of the legitimate goal of the proletariat for the complete liberation from class slavery.

The anarchist/leftist atmosphere in the Netherlands today is full of middle-class micro-bourgeoisie, liberal sentimentalists, and antagonistic reformers, and there is really no place for the proletariat (immigrants); Undoubtedly, these deviant currents have nothing to do with the class struggle and the proletariat. The anarchist/leftist atmosphere in the Netherlands and in general in the West has been so regressed with injecting liberal culture by the state during the 1990s till now, that frankly, it looks like a decayed tooth that there is no hope of repairing, but It should be removed as soon as possible and thrown out of the mouth; otherwise it will damage healthy teeth. What I see today in the anarchist/left space of the West are mainly currents for which the best name is the sabotagers of the proletariat class struggle.

The state and non-state enemies used all dirty and unjust methods to hit me during these years, especially since 2020, because they did not have the power and desire to create a political dialectic, instead of resorting to sentimental and racist stories; In fact, that’s the way that the fascist regimes have historically used against the militants, let us recall the false and sentimental propaganda of the Pahlavi regime against comrade Hamid Ashraf about the murder of two children, these accusations were so sentimental that it does not matter whether get rejected or accepted, however, the repression goes as far as it wants. This will not be the end of the matter, this will not be the end of the road, and surely, the enemy of government and non-government will not rest.


Abtin Parsa
14 February 2022



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