The murderous neoliberals, the criminal soldiers defending capital * This prison was made by them *

Abtin Parsa

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State terrorism will never set an anarchist free!

Anarchy revolts in my mind at every moment, my goal is associated with socialism-libertarianism, in my practice anarcho-communism moves, and in my hands, the weight of the historical working class’s sense of revenge, drives my being towards a social revolution.

I am an anarchist who is currently being crushed under the heaviest political pressures of the state and its mercenaries. For about two months now, the Dutch undercover forces have been monitoring my every move and even my most personal communication. I am not currently allowed to leave a specific geographical area established by the state as a repressive regime; I also have to introduce myself to the authorities in person once every two weeks. The story does not end here, I am inspected and harassed by the Dutch police almost every week, including last night, when I decided to write such a statement to inform my comrades about what is happening in my life. A life, which looks like a prison. (The video is related to last night and getting re-inspection by the police).

What I am experiencing today is due to the regime’s horror of my political activities in the past. Many of you may not know it, but I have been imprisoned in three countries for political activities so far and I am still waiting for several more years in prison. Political activities ranging from anti-state struggles in Iranian high schools to what the Iranian government calls “training to make incendiary materials (bombs)” to protesters during the 2017 student protests; From organizing street riots to confiscating the property and buildings of the capitalists for the benefit of the proletariat and the immigrants in Greece, because of which I was abducted by Greek police in July 2018 and had parts of my body broken under torture. From accusation of connection with armed struggles by Greek media to arrest on terrorism charges in March 2020 in Greece. I am the immigrant anarchist who sacrificed the most valuable thing for an immigrant, which is to have a legal identity, my political asylum in Greece was revoked (as several greek media reported) and I was forced to flee Greece to the Netherlands. I was not looking for a better life for myself, my presence in the Netherlands is due to compulsion. From being arrested in the Netherlands on serious charges that might make me face up to five years in prison to the repression mechanism and control regime I live with every day. In the Netherlands, my situation is no better than in Greece, the Dutch state, under political pressure, has only agreed to grant me a temporary one-year residency, which will continue until my extradition case to Greece is resolved.

This is an unprecedented amount of repression, and I am gradually getting killed under it. The state and its racist mercenaries have used and continue to use every dirty and unjust method to ensure that my political life is close to death. And to be honest, they have succeeded so far. History and our future will judge, you will see what the truth is.
For some reason I do not intend to lengthen this text, otherwise, I can write hundreds of pages of what the killer neoliberalism has done to me. I will continue to resist, but the resistance in this situation is like my hunger strike in the Hugofen High-Security Prison in the Netherlands, I do not know how long I can continue it, I hope this torment will end in victory!

Abtin Parsa
January 30, 2022


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