Political Statement on the Transfer of Municipality Registration from Echt to Middelburg

Abtin Parsa

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The murderous Social Democracy, following its systematic repression against immigrants self-management community in the AZC echt, formally removed my registration from echt municipality today, June 17, and registered me in the municipality of Middelburg instead. This move by the regime is another attack on the libertarian uprising of immigrants in the AZC echt. The murderous Social Democracy, terrified of the self-management of the immigrant proletariat, wants to be absolutely sure that I will not return to the azc echt. This is the bourgeois justice, this justice only serves the bourgeoisie and the ruling class; Repression, state terrorism, torture, the prison mechanism, etc. are other names for this bourgeois justice.

The echt self-management community has been the best example of class struggle in the Netherlands in recent years. The history of anarchism will remember the azc echt, when an libertarian socialist community threatened all state terrorist mechanisms. The azc ​​echt proved that the main problem of the struggle is not the number of activists but it is the organization of them. The azc echt self-management community consisted of only a dozen immigrants, but we saw how the state with all its terrorist mechanisms felt fear from it.

My exile from echt to Middelburg will not be the end of the struggle, the struggle of the proletariat will continue until the destruction of the state and capitalism, we will not give up the struggle until we achieve socialism (without state). For us, resistance means life; for us, struggle is not a part-time activity, but a guarantee to live for us; because we are without privilege, we sell our energy to be able to survive.

Next month means my one-year presence in the Netherlands, the regime and its suppressor organization of IND have not yet given a definitive answer to my case. The regime wants to waste as much time as possible so that my final trial on terrorism charges can be done in Greece and I’ll become officially wanted, then it’ll be much easier for the Dutch regime to exradite me to Greece. The regime must make a positive answer to my asylum request. The only way to make the regime to give positive answer to the case, is to put Social pressure on the regime and make dialectics with its repression mechanisms with the language of power. Self-defense is the social and political right of the oppressed; Creating a dialectic with the language of power versus repression means rejecting humiliation and fight back in any means we understand against the repression.

Abtin Parsa

June 17th,  2021




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