Political statement on the anarchist space of the Netherlands

Abtin Parsa

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In my view, one of the main reasons for the destruction of the anarchist movement in the West is the lack of a proper understanding by Western anarchists of the difference between the means and the goal of the struggle. In the political atmosphere of the West, what is the means of struggle has become the goals of the struggle, and at the same time the goals of the struggle have been completely eliminated; for example, political spaces such as squats and political symbols have become targets of the struggle, while these should be only means of struggle that will help better shape the goal of the struggle, which is social mobilization and organization. Squat is not a goal in the struggle, but a means to struggle, which means that we believe that struggles should take place in the streets, and the existence of squat will be a means to better shape these social struggles.

The space of squat should be open to the society, which means that the members of squat should lead the community to squat by creating social programs, such as training classes, collective kitchen, and so on.
Squat is not just a place to stay, squat is a political space that should not just become a place for people to live. What we see in the West is that most of the time there are people who put themselves behind the walls of squat, believing that not engaging in socio-political activities protects them from repression; there is no safety for us, safety exists only for the fascists and the bourgeoisie, in this liberal and capitalist structure there is no such thing as safety anywhere for us.

The Netherlands is the best example of a political space in which a political struggle is destroyed, because not only there is no proper understanding of the means and purpose of the struggle here, but any attempt to change the situation get suppressed by the so-called movement itself; The reason is obvious, because there is safety for them, because most of the anarchists and leftists here are the bourgeoisie itself. The freedom and social justice we sought in the west suddenly emerged from the reeds of northern Syria (Kurdistan); While our comrades in Rojava have waged the most right kind of struggle for liberation, here in the west most anarchists and leftists, in the most despicable form, have aligned themselves with “social democracy.” They are mostly a bunch of bourgeois and liberals, they are not serious about revolution. Liberalism and the bourgeoisie must now be seen from a political and cultural point of view, they may not be a liberal politically or in the socio-economic sense of a bourgeoisie, but liberal and bourgeois culture has penetrated to the last cell of their bones. And yes, it is a fact that leaving Kurdistan for Europe is one of my biggest regrets in life.

Today the immigrants are the proletariat in most European countries, and I believe that the common struggle between the local people of Europe and the immigrants will lead to a social revolution, but what we see in Europe is not enough effort to organize such a common struggle; Two main reasons have prevented immigrants and local Europeans from starting a large-scale common struggle: 1-The class gap between local people in Europe and immigrants. The class gap between local people in Europe and immigrants has made it impossible to create a base for the common struggle, as the most basic things, such as food and accommodation, are not shared and common between local people in Europe and immigrants. 2-The ideological view towards struggle by the local people of Europe, and the lack of clear social-political view towards struggle. The aim of the struggle should not be to anarchize individuals, but to create the communities of struggle; We should not try to organize anarchists or the leftists, but the goal should be social organization and mobilization, which pays attention to the political and social position of people instead of a purely ideological view towards organizing people.

Also, we should not wait for people to organize themselves, but we should try to make them able to organize themselves. There is the greatest revolutionary potential in the proletariat, the aim must be to create and rebuild a militant proletarian movement, which is why, in my view, political groups in the West, composed only of local people of Europe, have no political legitimacy.

Today is the 2 June, let’s also recall the anarchist armed group of 2 June in west Berlin, the group who was founded in July 1971 by members of the Commune 1 political group and the armed tupamaros West Berlin. The group of 2 June, It took its name from June 2, 1967, when the west german cops killed student Benno Ohnesorg.

Abtin Parsa

 June 2nd 2020


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