Announcing the existence of the Federation of Anarchism Era

In the tumultuous history of centuries of struggle and fights of liberation movements all around the world, today, October 4th, 2020, with the official formation of the Federation of Anarchism Era, will undoubtedly add another page to this history.

The founding core of the Anarchism Era began its activities in 2009 and then as a group named “Anarchist Network”.And later “Anarchism Era”, with achieving socially self-organization, in May 2018, alongside several anarchist groups operating in the so-called Afghanistan and Iran regions, was able to form “Anarchists union of Afghanistan and Iran” and declare its existence. 

More than 2 years after the announcing the formation “Anarchists Union of Afghanistan and Iran (AUAI)”, per collective decision, AUAI merged into “The Federation of Anarchism Era” and will henceforth operate under this name. It should be noted that the Federation of Anarchism Era will not be limited to the so-called geography of Iran and Afghanistan. So all anti-authoritarian groups and individuals comrades around the world can become a member of the federation. The Federation of Anarchism Era, as an anarchist structure, is based on voluntary activity, collective responsibility, and federalism, whose core of all these matters will be the assemblies of the federation.

The Federation of Anarchism Era sees social struggles as borderless and interconnected, so the self-organization of the masses and social struggles around the world is an important matter to us which is based on the international struggles of the proletariat.

The Federation of Anarchism Era seeks that social self-organization and class struggle leads to an anti-authoritarian revolution. After a social revolution, we want a self-governing society based on people’s council, in which social needs are divided based on expertise and voluntarily.

The Federation of Anarchism Era, maintaining its radical character of the Anarchists Union of Afghanistan and Iran, calls for militant struggle against the authoritarians. Without a doubt, our ideal form of anarchism is militant and insurrectionary anarchism which is seen in practice in the Ukrainian revolution as the Black Army of Ukraine (1918-1921) and in the present era of Rojava revolution. The Federation of Anarchism Era declares its solidarity with all the comrades who have been taken hostage by the governments as political prisoners around the world.

The Federation of Anarchism Era members operate in the following countries and cities:

  • Iran in the following provinces (31 Provinces in Total):
  1. Tehran
  2. Qazvin
  3. Isfahan
  4. Gilan
  5. Fars
  6. Lorestan
  7. Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad
  8. Arak
  9. Khuzestan
  10. Ilam
  11. Sistan and Baluchestan
  12. Kurdistan
  13. Hormozgan
  14. Alborz
  15. Razavi Khorasan
  16. East Azerbaijan
  • Afghanistan in the following Provinces (34 Provinces in total):
  1. Kabul
  2. Balkh
  • Germany in the following cities:
  1. Cologne
  2. Augsburg
  3. Berlin
  • Canada
  • America
  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Chile
  • Spain
  • Kurdistan Region-Iraq
  • France
  • Lebanon


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آدرس و اسامی صفحات مرتبط با فدراسیون عصر آنارشیسم

Federation of Anarchism era , MOktober 04, 2020

P.S:The possibility of joining new people and groups of anarchists will be permanent

Federation of Anarchism era has many social media and other communication channels. You will find them at the bottom of this page

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۳۶ – آدرس پیج” آنارشیستهای جنوب “در اینستاگرام

آنارشیستهای جنوب یکی از اعضای تشکیل دهنده ” اتحادیه آنارشیستهای ایران و افغانستان” می باشند که در ایران حضور دارند.


۳۷ – آدرس پیج” آنارشیستهای خراسان “در اینستاگرام

آنارشیستهای خراسان یکی از اعضای تشکیل دهنده ” اتحادیه آنارشیستهای ایران و افغانستان” می باشند که در ایران حضور دارند.


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۴۲ – آدرس پیچ آنارشیستهای اهواز در فیسبوک


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