Political Statement of the Federation of Anarchism Era

All over the world, people are fed up with the tyranny of rulers, racists, patriarchs, capitalists, religious leaders and colonialists. The people have already risen to break the chains of all the norms that have caused the countless devastation of the present and to build a new future

We live in an age full of events and incidents. Every day we encounter new events and happenings that require serious analysis and study of thousands of books to understand their roots and consequences. Such an age is necessarily the age of fundamental change, the age of revolution. The age of anarchism is a new age; It is a glorious age that history has promised us after the defeat of the state / authoritarianism and capitalism. Capitalism did not create freedom, because capitalism was basically not intended to create freedom and equality, and the result of capitalism was clearly nothing but the exploitation and oppression of humanity and nature. To solve the problems of the world today requires a revolutionary and radical reaction

We are revolutionaries. We believe the overthrow of the state and the existing social order are necessary in order to smash the oppression and brutality that keep people from having power and control over their own lives. Revolution must happen within society, within relationships and within our own consciousness. The revolution is not just one moment in history, but a process of building social movements that are able to converge at a point when the whole system is in a deep crisis and go on the offensive, to create self-organization of masses of people, to resist the forces of repression, to smash the state, and to continue the process of breaking down authoritarian relations and creating a new free society. The revolution is a process. There is no starting point and no end point. Revolution is the transformation of ourselves, our relationships with others and society. It is the means by which we realize our vision for a better world

The revolution must be global. The globalization of economic forces and exchange of information have made us increasingly interdependent on one another. No one section of the world can smash the authoritarian structures it lives under and build a free society without the international ruling class uniting to crush it. The ruling powers cannot afford to let the people they rule see that it is possible to live freely without a state. Likewise, the revolution cannot limit itself to the liberation of only a section of the world’s population. Revolutionary movements must make links that cross geographical boundaries and make connections between many different struggles around the world

The revolution must occur in people’s consciousness. Revolutionary consciousness is the heart of the revolutionary process. Without the transformation of consciousness, a truly anti-authoritarian revolution is impossible because some people will continue to be pawns in other people’s games, because they will not be able to evaluate their situation and choose their own course of action. But with the transformation of consciousness, the revolution cannot be stopped. We believe that the development of revolutionary consciousness comes through struggle. Joining with others and engaging in the transformation of one’s own material reality forces a person to engage in critical thought about one’s self-worth, position in society, how one relates to others, how the world works,what forces shape one’s life, and how the world might be different. The development of revolutionary consciousness cannot be separated from action.

The revolution must transform relationships between people. We are social revolutionaries as well as political ones. The revolution is a process by which we change the way people relate to one another, break down the walls that divide us, and allow people to express their humanity in a multitude of loving, creative and compassionate ways. The transformation of how we respond to strangers on the street, who we consider family, with whom we form sexual bonds is all part of revolution.

The revolution is the destruction of the political, social and economic forces that oppress us. We must smash capitalism and create new economic structures that allow people to live free from material want and be productive without being exploited. We must smash patriarchy and white supremacy and create libertarian communities and families. We must smash the state and create democratic and decentralized forms of political organization




Since anarchism is always trying to free man from the bondage of money, the general policy of anarchism for human life, unlike capitalism, is not based on economics. Each human being has different talents, but millions of those talents are victims of the capitalist system, and only a small percentage of human beings manage to display their capacities and that is either slavery for the capitalists or these people are in fact capitalists. Our priority pursued by the general policy of the free life of human beings is society and from the point of view of anarchism it is society that will overshadow the politics, culture and economy of societies. In the federation program we will have an analysis of the politics of anarchism and the economy. We must dismantle the State and create democratic and decentralized forms of social political self-organization. We do not follow state power and we reject the creation of a vanguard political party as a means to achieve our revolutionary goals. The revolution is not the result of the work of a single unified social group, but the product of the convergence of many different struggles against many different aspects of this authoritarian society. This is why the federation of the era of anarchism is being formed to transcend geographical boundaries and create an organic link between many different struggles around the world, and for now in the second stage, it has issued a “political statement”, and its The first stage coincided with the publication of the communique “announcing the beginning of the formation of the Federation of the Anarchism Era”, and after the publication of the second communique, it entered the third stage, which is the declaration on the “internal functioning and structure of the federation ”. the fourth stage will be the publication of the text of the “Call to the Federation”, and finally the last stage will be the publication of the text of the declaration of existence of the “Federation of the Anarchism Era”. Therefore, forming a federation is a five-step process
:Note 1
After “announcing the beginning of formation of the


Anarchism Era “, the anarchists of Spain and Chile declared their willingness to join the Anarchist Federation
: Note 2
Since with the official announcement of the federation, the site of the Anarchism Era will belong to the federation, so any article that is published on the site, expresses a collective belief in the federation, and if someone does not agree with any of the published articles, that content will be removed from the site



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