Where is Saeed Zeinali? political prisoner, missing since 1999

Saeed Zeinali (born 22 September 1976) was an Iranian student at Tehran University who was arrested on 10 July 1999, 5 days after the Iran student protests, July 1999
He was imprisoned in the Evin prison in Tehran at least until 2002. Three months after his arrest he was allowed to make a phone call to his family, but they have not heard about him since. Security forces and Evin prison officials refuse to publish any information about him
The Iranian student protests of July 1999 (Also known as 18th of Tir and Kuye Daneshgah Disaster‎) (۷–۱۳ July) were the most widespread and violent public protests to occur in Iran since the early years of the Iranian Revolution

The protests began on 8 July with peaceful demonstrations in Tehran against the closure of the reformist newspaper, Salam Following the demonstrations, a student dormitory was raided by riot police that night during which a student was killed. The raid sparked six days of demonstrations and rioting throughout the country, during which at least three other people were killed and more than 200 injured

In the aftermath of these incidents, more than seventy students disappeared. In addition to an estimated 1,200–۱,۴۰۰ detainees, the “whereabouts and condition” of five students named by Human Rights Watch who are believed to be detained by Iranian authorities remain unknown
On the evening of the protests, about 400 plainclothes paramilitaries descended on a university dormitory, whispering into short-wave radios and wielding green sticks. The paramilitaries, thought to be Ansar-e-Hezbollah and Basij, began attacking students, kicking down doors and smashing through halls, grabbing female students by the hair and setting fire to rooms. Several students were thrown off of third story balconies “onto pavement below, their bones crushed,” and one student paralyzed. According to students’ accounts, uniformed police stood by and did nothing. “Witnesses reported that at least one student was killed, 300 wounded, and thousands detained in the days that followed

The next day, unrest began in earnest, spreading through Tehran and to other cities and continuing for almost a week, with unemployed youths joining the students. The Basij are reported to have disguised themselves as students (wearing jeans, T-shirts, and shaving their faces) and thrown bricks into shop windows to discredit the student demonstrators.The five days of rioting “turned Tehran into a battlefield,” and was “inarguably the worst mass disturbance” the Islamic Republic had seen in its 20 years of existence. Running street battles left downtown Tehran “gutted,” with burned-out buses, and smashed storefronts

There were many arrests and injuries, and at least one confirmed fatal shooting, namely that of Ezzat Ebrahim-Nejad. The death of Ebrahim-Nejad was the only one acknowledged by the state-controlled Iranian television, however, major student groups and the foreign media have claimed more than 17 dead during the week of violent protests. Another student Saeed Zeinali has been disappeared after his arrest by security forces

Major Iranian cities such as Tabriz, Mashhad, Shiraz and Esfahan were scenes of violent and widespread demonstrations as well. The protests continued at Tabriz University on 11 July 1999 (20th of Tir) and police and hardliners responded similarly in Tabriz universities and schools, entering the universities and brutally attacked students. Four students died in the unrest and many were beaten while in custody

After 21 years, his family has not stopped looking for him and the fascist regime has warned parents to stop asking questions about Saeed Zeinali

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