Immigrants squatted polytechnio university in solidarity with the struggle of immirants in MORIA

In the history of resistance movement in greece, immigrants for the first time, squatted all the university of polytechnio. we(immigrants) are not weak, we did proof it again yesterday

Yesterday 8/2, we immigrants(+20) at 7am until 3pm, squatted the polytechnio university in solidarity with other immigrants who struggling in MORIA HELL HOLE

For us who many of us have been in MORIA hell hole, the situation of immigrants who are there right now is understandable, when you have to sell your body for a few euro, when the food of the hell hole is not eatable, when very easy you can die from coldness or dirtiness, and when you does not exist as human in a equal way with other human………In the capitalism regime, it is not only us as immigrants who are under repression by state, the locals are too, so we believe the struggle should be common as those who are oppressed, but we all should make a self critic because it never happened in the way that could moves us forward for social revolution. do is not a time to creat a common base? not only in moria, imaging immigrants are doing demonstrations in somos, athens, tessoloniki, patra and other cities, do we have a base to really support them? if not, it is a time to take the situation more seriously

Practically, we immigrants are asking you comrades for solidarity, but when we immigrants are in the streets, solidarity is not posting in “social media” but solidarity is being together with us in the streets. The gap of base, which exist here in the social struggle, gave the opportunity to humanitarian activists to victimise the immigrants and manipulate its struggle into reformism and individualism

N.D is continuation of what SYRIZA did aginst us as immigrants but what SYRIZA done was more painfull because SYRIZA did all these repression in a cover of supporter, this is not forgettable that who were making propaganda for SYRIZA in the election of 2015. Some political spaces from tsamadou street into themistokleous street should stop using the name of us as immigrants for their propaganda business, since they did help SYRIZA in the election of 2015

Some of us who participated in squat the polytechnio, are living in GINI building, we have really bad situation here, the nightes are very cold, we have no food, and in general the situation does not have the bases of human needs for stay somewhere. Clearly the common struggle can not be created in a real way, when some of us living in our personal apartments and some of us even does not have ability to take hot shower. This is very sad comreades when we all struggle for equality but the practical situation show opposite of our words

We believe the struggle of immigrants will have a continuation in a more universal way because the repression that new liberalism is creating against us, will push us to come together more and more. We as the immigrants who squatted the polytechnio will again show our solidarity in a practical with immigrants of MORIA, also we call for another open assembly to creat a bigger social moves in solidarity with the struggle of immigrants of MORIA

Monday 10/02, at 19:00 polytechnio, gini
All comrades are welcome for common struggle in solidarity with struggle of immigrants in MORIA




آدرس و اسامی صفحات مرتبط با اتحادیه آنارشیستهای ایران و افغانستان

Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran, May 24, 2018

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