The terrible situation of immigrants in αγ. Ααντελεήμωνα police station

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What I am writing is: the situation of immigrants in αγ. Ααντελεήμωνα police station that those immigrants who were detaine with me there, asked me to write and publish it

It’s like that we dosen’t exist, some of us are here from 3 months ago, the first day that cops arrested us and moved us here, they took criminal fingerprint of us and detaine us until now, without addressing us anymore about our needs
Every day, every hour, we are asking cops that we need to have asylum but the cops don’t care about it, they says lie to us that we have called Petrou rali detention center just now and it’s not our mistakes, this is petrou rali detention center that doesn’t pick the phone up or petrou rali is busy and
The food is very very bad and not enough for us; some of us have experienced to try to kill himself and some of us will do it very soon because we are tired and maybe this is the only way that cops will bring us out of here at least for a while
We don’t have money here and it’s very expensive to call outside of here by telephone card, 4 euros for almost 4 minutes call
Most of us are alone in greece, we miss our families, we miss sun because the prison only has one window to see outside and in front of this window, there is a building which doesn’t allow sun to touch our skin
We need people who are outside to help us, to care about us, yes it’s true that on the paper we doesn’t exist but the fact is that we exist

۱۳th August, when the cops moved me to the court for the trial, the first view that I have seen, was a court full of immigrants. When I spoke with some them, I realized that the only reason of their presence here is: first they dosen’t look like Europeans so the cops stopped them to search because in the racism opinions of the system, your skin color is enough to accuse you for being criminal; second the immigrants don’t had a legal proof to proof that they exist

I said my political statement in a court, which the immigrants were under the racism insulting behavior of cops, front of the court’s eyes; I said it when the cops who murdered 15 years old Alexis grigoropoulos still were arm with guns; I said it when a few days ago, the court release his murder; I said it when the judges were looking at my eyes and saying lie that court and cops behave in a similar way with greeks and immigrants; I said it when it was very clear that the presence of immigrants in the court was part of state’s plan to criminalize the identity of being immigrants; This trial was a good example for the bourgeois justice, it’s better to read injustice


It wasn’t a personal statement, it was a common pain and common problem of these classes of society who are oppressed by authority

Abtin Parsa 15 August 2019


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