Condemn the dictatorial government policies of Erdogan in Turkey againstSalih Muslim, Rojava, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Democratic Union Party (PYD)!

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November 22, 2016 the international news agencies reported that the Turkish government has ordered detention of “Salih Muslim,” the co-leader of Syria’s the Democratic union party and common political spokesman of the Rojava at the international level.According to “Anatolia” news agency the Turkish government accuses “Salih Muslim,” to Involvement in bomb attack in Ankara

This judicial ruling declares while Salih Muslim and Syrian Kurds’ forces have strongly fought against terrorism in Rojava region in recent years. Turkey court ruling, has issued as well the arrest of 48 other leaders of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Democratic Union party (PYD)

On February 17, 2016, in a bomb explosion in Ankara, at least 29 people were killed and 61 have wounded. Then, 15 people were arrested in suspectedfor involvement in the operation and now the Turkish government claims that theirinvestigation shows that PKK and their follower organizations lie behind the incident. In fact, the Erdogan’s government has long tried by providing conditions like these accusing Kurdish political groups by trumped-up charges and therefore creating legal ban on them, and then demanding arrest and imprisoning of their members

It’s notable that the detention request of Salih Muslim and the other Kurdish parties’ leaders in Turkey are taking place while Salih Muslim is on a diplomatic trip in Europe and just now visiting England and have a planed schedule to deliver a speech in the parliament

The Turkish government and Turkish President, RecepTayyip Erdogan, declare the Syrian Democratic Union Party and the People’s Defense Units as terrorists, while these forces are relying on people’s movement and directs by people themselves through council relations, and they struggle for a democratic Syria

The Turkish government, despite her accusations against Kurdish political organizations has herself under many years near relations with the active terrorist groups in the Syrian civil war, in particular ISIS. And now, RecepTayyip Erdogan and his ruling party (AKP) with detaining more than 150 thousand persons in the last three months and proposing Islamic anti-women and anti-children laws to parliament tries to establish more and more the state-terrorism and political despotism and reactionary laws in this country. Naturally, given the well-known intrigue of Erdogan, public opinion in Turkey and most countries of the world accuse Turkish government herself for that, and even European states and USA criticize their ally, the Turkish government

We the undersigned, condemn Turkish government actions against Salih Muslim and PKK leaders and the arrest of the leaders and parliamentary members of HDP in Turkey and tens of thousands of others in Turkey.We support the rightful struggles of the socio-political movements in Rojava, the Kurdish people and other repressed minorities and other popular movements in Turkey and demand the release of Abdullah Ocalan and all political prisoners in Turkey.We condemn the belligerent and violent interference of the Turkish government and Turkish army in the region




Nayer Ansari (lawyer)

Abbas Samakar (poet and writer)

FarhadBesharat (political analyst)

HalmatAhmadian (political activist)

NematAlimoradi (Publisher)

MehrnushShafiee (political activist)

Ali Pychgah (labor activist)

JavadAsadian (poet)

Said Sohrabi (political activist)

BehroozSuran (redactor of Gozareshgaran)

FarzanehAbiri (political activist)

BehroozKhabbaz(labor and media activist)

MahboobehMeshkin (political activist)

Bahram Rahmani (journalist and writer)

Kamal Muhammad (political activist)

ParvizGhasemi (political activist)

GholamAskariBakhtiari (labor activist)

AmadShahu (member of PJAK congress)

Hirsh Karsan (member of Leadership Council of KODAR)

NajmehMahmoodzadeh (political activist)

DariushMajlesi (political activist)

BabakMoradi (political activist)

Rasool Baloch (political activist)

ArdavanZeybarom (political activist)

Amir JavaheriLangroodi (political activist)

RezaBishetab (writer)


Ismail Fattahy

Mohammad Hossein Yahyaei

MimShakib (blogger)


Ali Damavandi ((journalist and political activist)

BahmanYosefi(political activist)

BehroozNaseri(political activist)

Sedig Jahani(labor activist)

BabakEmad(political activist)

BabakMasoumi(Music and Social Sciences researcher)

JalehSahand(political activist)

Arash Kamangar(journalist and political activist) 

EhsanSabet(political activist)

Akbar Deylami(political activist)

Nasrin Ahmadi (political activist)

SiamakJahanbakhsh(political activist)

Khaled Bajazidi (Dalir) – poet 

HosseinNaghipour(journalist and political activist)

RizanHamidi(political activist)

SiavoshAbghari (University professor)

SaharMohamadi(political activist)

MahnazGhezloo (Former political prisoner and activist)

EQBALL   NAZARGAHI (historian)


BabakMassoumi (researcher)

Ali Mobaraki(labor activist)


ESMAIL YARI(political activist)

Kevin ket(political activist


Pishro Alan(political activist)


Ahmad Azizpour (Doktor -political activist)

soraiafattahi(political activist)

Dr. GolmoradMorad (Politicalactivist and Writer)

RasoulShovkati(political activist)

Ahmad Alipoor(political activist)

Murad Azimi(labor activist)

Mina Zarin (Former political prisoner and political activist)

EbrahimShiri(political activist)

RasoulShokati (Former political prisoner)

Farah Notaush (Women power)

YavarEtemad(political activist)

BehzadBarkhodaei(political activist)

FarhadDaneshvar(labor activist)

sabbahmoradi(Jurnalist and political activist)

JavadRiahi(political activist)

RahmantFatahi(political activist)

SiamekHaseli(political activist)

Hadi Alis (Sociologist and PoliticalActivistof Kurdistan)

KeyvanSoltani (Political activist)

Aso Amin (Engineer)

Mohammad Kamali(political activist)

AbassGavili(abor activist and member of the Board of Directors Athadh workers Atvbvsrany- Komunal – Stockholm)

YadollahBiglari(political activist)

Nasser Pejman (Poet and translator)

Amir Payam(labor activist)

FoadSoltani(political activist)

FrozanGhoreyshi (political activist)

Mohammad Hassan Mavarani(political activist)

Yavarostovar(Poet and political activist)

JalaSabzvari (University professor – of Uppsala)

Mehdi Keshavarz(political activist)

HosseinMogadam(political activist)

Maryam Ahkzarpour(political activist)

NavidDivarger(political activist)

ShoreshKarimian(political activist)

BorhanDivarger(labor activist)

M. Ravanshid(Poet and author)

NaserSobhani(political activist)

GisouShsakeri(Exiled dissident artist)KhosrovShahriari(Director and writer)


Parties and organizations:

– Etehad, News – Analysis base for Iranian labor movement –

– Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK)

– Free Democratic Society of East Kurdistan (KODAR)

– Website Gozareshgaran –

-WebsiteAnarchism era –

-Cultural Association ofYarsan (CulturalOrganization)

-Radio Payam– Canada

– Socialist Workers’ Association

-IranianWorkers’ Solidarity Association  – Frankfurt
– Coordinating Council against the IslamicRepublic killing / shout KHAVARAN

-women’srights organisation

– Supporters of Mothers of Laleh Park – Stockholm

-CanadianFriendsof Kurdistan

– Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Committee and Sweden

– The Council in defense of the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom (Shora)

-Coordinating Council against the IslamicRepublic killing / shout KHAVARAN


– The Committee supported the struggle of the workers of Iran-Finland

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۴- عصر آنارشیسم در توئیتر
۵ – فیسبوک عصر آنارشیسم
۶ – فیسبوک بلوک سیاه ایران
۷ – فیسبوک آنارشیستهای همراه روژاوا و باکورAnarchists in solidarity with the Rojava
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۲۰ - تلگرام آنارشیستهای تهران
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۲۲ – گروه تلگرام اتحادیه آنارشیستهای افغانستان و ایران
۲۳ –  توییتر اتحادیه آنارشیستهای افغانستان و ایران - The Anarchists Union of Afghanistan and Iran
۲۴ – فیسبوک اتحادیه آنارشیستهای افغانستان و ایران
۲۵ – اینستاگرام اتحادیه آنارشیستهای افغانستان و ایران
۲۶ – کانال تلگرام خودسازماندهی مطالب گروه اتحاديه آنارشیست‌های افغانستان و ايران
۲۷ – گروه تلگرام خودساماندهی مطالب گروه اتحادیه آنارشیستهای افغانستان و ایران
۲۸– اینستاگرام آنارشیستهای بوکان - ئانارکیستە کانی بۆکان
۲۹- کانال تلگرام کتابخانه شورشی
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