To Mr. Guy Ryder, Director-General of the International Labor Organization

On the eve of the annual session of the International Labor Organization,   Iranian authorities have flogged 17 miners who had protested the loss of their jobs
The miners were sentenced to between 30 and 100 lashes each; they also had to serve time in prison and pay a fine
This is not the first time that protesting workers subjected to barbaric punishment of whipping. The systematic repression of the labor movement and labor leaders has been the policy of Islamic republic of Iran since its inception. As a result of these anti-labor policies, Iranian workers & toilers are denied of their basic rights. In recent months the Islamic republic of Iran has intensified the persecution of labor leaders who are trying to create independent labor organizations to defend workers’ basic & fundamental rights in Iran. Jafar azim-zadeh is one of those leaders who is imprisoned and on hunger- strike at this time
Dear Mr. Guy Ryder, we draw your attention to systematic & violent repression  of Iranian labor movement & its leaders by Islamic Republic government including flogging  of 17 Iranian miners. We expect International Labor Organization to condemn Islamic republic in the strongest form for this barbaric act and its long-standing anti-labor policies in general
we would also like to emphasis that the Islamic republic delegation taking part in upcoming annual session of the ILO does not represent Iranian workers & toilers and has proven to be against all principals ILO stands for and as such must be expelled from that organization

Sincerely yours


آدرس و اسامی صفحات مرتبط با مجموعه عصر آنارشیسم


۱- سایت عصر آنارشیسم


آدرس و اسامی صفحات ما در فیسبوک


۲- فیسبوک عصر آنارشیسم


۳- فیسبوک بلوک سیاه ایران


۴ – فیسبوک آنارشیستهای همراه روژاوا و باکورAnarchists in solidarity with the Rojava


۵- فیسبوک دفاع از زندانیان و اعدامیان غیر سیاسی


۶ – فیسبوک کارگران آنارشیست ایران


۷- فیسبوک کتابخانه آنارشیستی


۸ – فیسبوک آنارشیستهای همراه بلوچستان


۹ – فیسبوک  هنرمندان آنارشیست


۱۰ – فیسبوک دانشجویا ن آنارشیست


۱۱ – فیسبوک شاهین شهر پلیتیک


۱۲ – فیسبوک آنتی فاشیست


۱۳- عصر آنارشیسم در تلگرام


۱۴- عصر آنارشیسم در اینستاگرام


۱۵- عصر آنارشیسم در توئیتر


۱۶ – بالاچه عصر آنارشیسم در بالاترین


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