Black Block of Iran, Solidarity Statement in support of all Kurdish people and their struggle for freedom

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We, as a part of Farsi speaking anarchists, strongly convey our solidarity with you and express our extreme anger towards the injustice happening to your children women and men for the profit of capital, the occupiers, war criminals and all those the rule of tyranny

We anarchists, believe the rights of Kurds and Palestinians are so integral to each other that they should be recognised as one

Imperialists in all shapes and forms, hand in hand with Islamic regime of Iran, are ruining the life of innocent people of this planet on regional levels and a global scale

Western rulers on one hand are declaring they are fighting against Islamization, on the other hand, instead of providing Muslim residents with free and universal education, are building more and more mosques that do not free them from ignorance

Let us expose these dirty tricks of Western rulers from every layer of Western society, including among Western leftists

Ignorance of these leftist distract the world from the real catastrophe, truths and all other terrifying things happening in Middle East, has turned majority of activists into a dysfunctional forces in Europe, US, Canada, Australia and other countries

Worse still, the activism of the left has turned into a work “against” Middle Eastern people, who end up recruiting for a supernumerary army of Hamas, Lebanese Hezbollah and criminal islamic regime of Iran, in mass rallies organised by bloody mosques in Europe and elsewhere under the name of supporting the Palestinian cause

These leftists and so called revolutionary groups, shamelessly were rallying behind Hamas, Lebanese Hezbollah and Islamic regime’s flags and their main media was “Press TV”, funded by islamic regime of Iran

They displayed to the whole world and middle Eastern people that they have absolutely no idea of what Middle Eastern people are fighting for and from what our people have been suffering from so many decades and centuries against bloody war criminals and all kind of reactionary religious forces and rulers

It is clear as day, that the budget of all mosques in Western countries and the rallies organized by them are all financed by islamic regime of Iran, which is from the blood of innocents Iranians

On one hand, social media sites on the internet have raised out awareness that whether the Republicans under John  McCain or Democrats under Hillary Clinton, who has shamelessly admitted how they created “The Islamic State” “Daesh / ISIS”, so as a result of that Middle Eastern people will be sacrificial lambs for slaughter

On the other hand, fascists regimes of Turkey, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel have turned the land of the Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian and Kurdish people into a military / political trade among themselves that is destroying the lives of millions of innocent children, women and men

The world is waking up to the racket that the bloody Daesh / ISIS forces are profiting by the billions of dollars by selling oil to big powers while being supported military by oppressive and reactionary governments of the region

Enough is Enough!!!

We anarchists with all our energy and ability, should find solutions only by ourselves and people powers, without accepting any help from any corrupt rulers or any bloody religious forces or institute

Hamas of Palestine like all other religious forces are creatures of Zionism, the CIA and other big powers

The many centuries of history of the Middle East and its people, reveal that any religion group under any name or aim, have inflicted the same catastrophic roles in innocent people’s life

When the first stone to an innocent woman who has been sentenced to stoning, must be thrown by his own son (if she has any)

When the worn fingers of an innocent poor must be cut by guillotine

When the whip comes down on the body of an innocent woman / man just because they do NOT believe in fasting

When an innocent woman / girl must be the 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife of a decrepit old man

When a 9 years old child (girl) must marry an ageing tyrant

When parents drowned in the whirlpool of poverty must sell their body organs to feed their children

When instead of freedom of their children, what will be given them are their beheaded bodies of their loved ones, their clothes drenched in blood

When our daughters and sons will be raped by broken bottles and their mutilated corpses returned to their parents the next day

When our daughters must be raped before execution by the rules of a bloodthirsty Allah

And thousands of other torturous scenes happening in reality in Iran or any other country under brutal islamic rules expose the true nature of Daesh / ISIS, Hamas, Lebanon Hezbollah, islamic regime of Iran—that any other religious violent and reactionary group or forces are from exactly the same mold

Dear Kurds, we believe at this point in history that such a ruinous war is happening to all of you and your homes and lives, our task is not only to support you mentally but also be with you physically and we stand with you shoulder in shoulder, and we will continue to fight for freedom

Long live the struggle of all oppressed people

Long live freedom, equality and social justice

Destroy the shadowy alliance of capitalism and religious fundamentalism, Daesh, Zionism, Hamas, Hezbollah of Lebanon, islamic regime of Iran and all other reactionaries

Black Block of Iran


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