Gozarshgaran appeal: Join the defending campaign of the arrestees of Haft Tappeh

9 جولای اخبار روز

Gozarshgaran appeal

Join the defending campaign of the arrestees of Haft Tappeh

Freedom fighters and the defender of the workers and labors’ rights advocates

Two months has passed, since the arrest and imprisonment of the Iranian women and men, who were demonstrating peacefully, in defence of the workers ‘rights, in front of the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Ismail Bakhshi, Sepidehgholian, MarziyehAmiri, Neda Najji, AatefehRangriz, AanisaAsadollahi, and several labor, teacher and student activists and also, other freedom fighters, in support of the noble Iranian women, who are in detention 

SohailArabi, Amir Aligoli, SanazAllahyari, and Amir Hossain Mohammadifar, also Ismail Abdi, Mohammad Habibi, and Mahmoud BeheshiLangroudi- the three prominent members of the Teachers’ Association, are among the regimes’detainees, which are included in the prisoners of the Islamic Republic

Some of these beloved ones are being housed among the general criminal section of the prison, where recently, one of the political prisoners was murdered in the same location. The lives of these political prisoners are at serious risk. On one hand, the overwhelming and inhuman conditions of keeping these prisoners, and on the other hand, the medieval sentencing of these most honorable human beings to long term imprisonment, has imposed intolerable pressure on them and their families

The regimes’ judiciary response to any rightful and humanist voice is suppression, imprisonment, and torture

There is no time for hesitation, indecision or contemplation, it is the time for all of the freedom fighters, and the human rights defenders to shout their protesting voice, and continuously and united, defend the rights of the workers, teachers, students and the brave Iranian women

We, the political and social activists, organizations and the media in our part, will continue this litigation voice, and join the campaign in defending the Haft Tappeh arrestees, for the demand of the immediate and unconditional release of all of the political, social, and labor activists

Down with the ruling oppressor





The names of the supporters

Arash Kamangar - Political and media activists
Amador Navidi - Political and media activists
Ali Azad - political activist. dk
Akbar Deylami - Labor activist
Asghar Zeynodin - political activist
Amin Bayat - Political activist
Amir Mirzaian - Political activist and former political prisoner
Akbar Karimian - Political analyst
Anvar Mirsatari - Member of the Belgian Left Party
Abas Rahmati - Political activist
Ali Mobaraki - Labor activist
Ali Damavandi - Political and media activists
Ali Satari - Political activist and former political prisoner
Abas TakloBighash - Political activist
Ardalan Mahmoudi - Political activist
Adib Zandi - Political activist
Ahmad Mohseni - Political and cultural activities
Abas Hashemi - Political activist
Akbar Zamani - Political activist
Akhtar Kaviani - Political activist
Abas Bigdeli - Political activist
Abolghasem Shamsi - Political activist
Ali Akbar Hadipour - Political activist
Azam Shahgholi Samii - human rights activist
Behzad Barkhodai - Labor activist
Bagher Ebrahimzadeh - Political activist and former political prisoner
Bahman Yousefi - political activist
Bahram Soltani - human rights activist
Bahram Rahmani - Writer and political analyst
Bijan Saidpour - Political and media activists
Bakhtiar Pirkhezri - political activist
Behrouz Sooren - Political activist and former political prisoner
Behnam Changai - Labor activist
Behrouz Arefi - Translator and political activist
Behrouz Farahani - Labor activist
Behzad Karimi - Political analyst
Dr. Zahra Shams- Former University Professor
Davoud Ahmadloo - political activist
Ebrahim Avoch - Political and media activists
Ebrahim Pouyan - political activist
Ehsan Sabet - Active labor union
EsmailFatahi - human rights activist
Esmail Moloudi - Political activist and former political prisoner
Esmail Haghshenas - Political activist and former political prisoner
FaribaSabet - Activist of the women's movement and former political prisoner
Farhang Ghasemi - Writer and political analyst
Farhad Besharat - human rights activist
Fatholah Khalili - political activist
Farahnaz Lotfi - Asylum-seeker
Fariba RisKazemi - Asylum-seeker
Fereydoon Shahni Mansouri - political activist
Farideh Barazandeh - Political activist
Gholam Asgari - Labor activist
Golchin Said Moini - political activist
H. Riahi - Political activist and former political prisoner
Heshmat Vardasbi - Political prisoner of the two systems
Hasan Azizi – Translator
Hajar Jahedifar - Asylum-seeker
Hasan Najeb Hashem - human rights activist
Hamid Reza Rahimi - Poet and satirist
Hossein Naghipour - Political and media activists
Hamid Jahanbakhsh - Active and political analyst
Houshang Asadian ( Pegah ) – Worker
Hamid Pourghasemi - Political activist and former political prisoner
Heshmat Mohseni - Political activist and former political prisoner
IrajHeydari - Political activist
JalehSahand - Political activist
Jafar Hosseinzadeh - Political activist
Jaber Kalibi - Political analyst
K. Alvand - Political activist
Khodamorad Fouladi - Political analyst
Kambiz Gilani – Poet
Kaveh Dadgari - Political activistand former political prisoner
Kimia RakhshaniMehr - Asylum-seeker
Kazem Vafaian – Teacher and Political prisoner of the two systems
Khaled Darai - Political activist
Khalil Dashti - Political activist
Minoo Homeyli - Political activist and former political prisoner
Majid Darabeygi - Political activist and former political prisoner
Majid Moshayedi - Asylum-seeker
Majid Falah - Political refugee
Mahboubeh Meshkin
Mohamad Reza Rohani - Lawyer
Mohsen Rezvani - Political activist
Mahasti Shahrokhi - Writer living in france
Mohamad Reza Hadipour - Political refugee and asylum-seeker
Mohamad Alinejad – Lawyer
Mohamad Mohebi - former political prisoner
Masoud Forouzesh Rad - Political activist and former political prisoner
Manouchehr Taghavi Bayat - Political analyst,Former University Professor
Mehrdad Ahangar - Political activist
Manaf Amari – Lawyer
Mohamad AliGhafari - Asylum-seeker
Mohamad Reza Ghafari - Political activist
Mohsen Izadi Amoli - Political activist
Mohamad NavidZarei - Political activist
Mani Shirazi - Political activist
Maryam Hadipoue - Political activist
Noushafarn Jafari - Political activist
Nezam Jalali - Anarchist political and media activist
Nader Sani - Teacher and political and social activist
Narges Jalali - Asylum-seeker
Nima Golkar - Active Worker Anarco Syndicalist
Neda Noavar - human rights activist
Nasrin Ahmadi - Active Union of Nurses
Nasrin Ebrahimi - Labor activist
Naser Pishro - Political activist
Omid Mohamadi - Political activist
Omid Asghari - Political activist
Parvaneh Ghasemi - Activist of Women's Movement and Teachers
Parviz Mirmokri – Poet
Parvin Riahi - Activist of Women's Movement
Parvaneh Fatemeh Hajiloo - Political activist and former political prisoner
Pirouz Zoorchang - Political activist and former political prisoner
Parviz Davarpanah - Political and media activists
Pouja Mohamadi - Political activist
Pedram Kamali - Political analyst
Rasoul Shokati - Political activist and former political prisoner
Reza Bishetab – Poet
Rahele of England
Reza Shirazi - Asylum-seeker
Taghi Rouzbeh - Political analyst
Tofigh Mohamadi - Political analyst and Asylum-seeker
Said Behbahani - Homeland Television Director
Shahla Abghari - University professor and cultural political activist
Soraya Fatahi  - Political analyst
Sedigheh Banivaheb - The rights activist of teachers and women
Siavosh Abghari – Universityprofessor and cultural political activist
Soraya Vardasbi – Political prisoner of the two systems
Siamak Jahanbakhsh - Political activist
Siavosh Karsaz -  human rights activist
Shervin Raha - Labor activist
Sedigh Jahani - Labor activist
Susan Shahbazi - Labor activist
Said Arman - Political activist and former political prisoner
Sadegh Mehrasa - Political activist
Zahra Shirvieh - Asylum-seeker

Signed by organizations

Esmail Khoyi Foundation

Iranian Refugee Association – Gutenberg

Workers’ Solidarity Committee of Iran and Sweden

Library and Scout Center – Pouyandeh  in Copenhagen, Denmark

Coordination Council Against the Murder of the Islamic Republic – Cry of Khavaran

The Corner of Solidarity with the Labor Movement in Iran – Frankfurt

Committee for the Defense of Iranian Political Deceives in Denmark

Democratic Center for Refugees

Freedom of Thought and Expression Foundation

Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan

The Iranian Secular Social Democrats

Swedish Socialist Association

Federation of  Ero Press

Iran Info – Wien

United Front for Freedom, Justice and Equality

Signed by sites and weblogs

Rahe Kargar


Radio Payam – Canada

Mihan TV


Etehad Kargar


Rahe Kargar News


Ranginkaman TV


Asre Anarshism




Ehteram Azadi


Eshterak WordPress


Hazl Dat Com


Haber Kalibi and Parvaneh Ghasemi


Reza Bishetab


Taghi Rouzbeh


Majid Moshayedi


Esmail Moloudi


Ghorfeh Akhar


Pooyandeh – dk


Kanoon Demokratik Panahandegan









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