With all our strength, alongside the workers of Iran, together, we will not be beaten.

27 نوامبر اخبار روز

Gozareshgaran appeal

With all our strength, alongside the workers of Iran, together, we will not be beaten

Detain, imprisonment and torture of the representatives of the workers, was the response of the authorities of the Islamic Republic to the outcry for the rights of thousands of workers and their families.  Based on recent reports, some of the representatives of the Haft Tappeh Syndicate have been arrested and they have been imprisoned, so that the private sector and the relative of the ruling class with the support of the security forces, and the suppression of the Islamic Republic fulfill their profitable intentions, exacerbate exploitation, and making the empty table of workers and their families more depleted

In parallel with the protest of the Haft Tappeh workers in Susa city, the workers of the National Steel Group of Ahwaz city, rallied also, demonstrating that the injustice, the plunder, the looting of profiteers will not end only on The Haft Tappeh Sugarcae, Hepco of Arak, and the widespread section of society, but as the students of the Tehran University cried out: ‘’from Haft Tappeh to Tehran – tomorrow all of Iran’’, will participate in the general uprising against the oppression and tyranny

Undoubtedly, the massive, widespread protests are on the way, and the time has arrived that to launch a national campaign of protests and condemning the suppression of the righteous protest of the workers and toilers, and demand the unconditional release of those arrested, and to give an appropriate respond to the criminal Islamic regime

The recent protests by the workers of Hepco in Arak, Sugarcane of Haft Tappeh, and Steel of Ahwaz, have clearly demonstrated that those who have lined up against the oppressed and starving workers and their families, are the military forces, especial squads maintaining repression and the judiciary organizations of the Islamic Regime

Also, these events indicate that the only way to the emancipation of the yoke of tyranny ruling for the oppressed and disadvantaged, is solidarity, unity and organization. The workers of The Haft Tappeh sugarcane put this into practice by retaining the general support for their syndicate

We, political, social and cultural activists, whilst strongly condemning the brutal acts of the ruling class against the Iranian workers; we declare, that we are alongside the workers, teachers and students, and are consciously committed to our promise

We appeal to all organizations that are supporting the workers’ rights and human rights in our country, to condemn the ruthless suppression of the ruling class against the workers, and act diligently for the release of all of the imprisoned labor activists, teachers, students and political prisoners and prisoners of conscience






The names of the supporters

Arash Kamangar – Political Activist

Amador Navidi – Political Activist

Ali Pichgah – Labor activist

Ali Mobaraki – Labor activist

Amir Javaheri Langerudi – Labor activist

Ali Damavandi  – Political Activist

Anahita Ardavan – writer and translator

Akbar Deylami – Labor activist

Ali Samad – Human right Activist

Amir Ali Motevali – Political Activist

Ali Etedali – Political Activist

Amin Bayat – Political Activist

Amir Mirzaian – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Azadeh Derah – Political Activist

Abas Rahmati – Political Activist

Asghar Zeynodin

Ardeshir Nazari

Adib Zandi – Political refugee

Abed Rezai – Labor activist

Ali Fayaz

Abas Mansooran – political analyst

Ali Nadimi – political analyst

Alem Javadi

Asgar Shirinbolaghi – political analyst

Ali Rasouli – Labor activist

Abas Hashemi

Bagher Ebrahimzadeh – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Behrouz Arefi – Political Activist

Bijan Saidpour – Political Activist

Behrouz Farahani – Labor activist

Bahram Rahmani – Political Activist – writer

Borhan Divargar – Political Activist

Behnam Changai – Political Activist

Bahram Soltani – Professor and human rights activist

Behzad Barkhodai – Labor activist

Behrouz Sooren – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Bahram Chegini

Borzoo Fouladvand – Political Activist

Chavosh  Majidfalah

Chavosh Cheraghgaviz

Davood Rahimi – Labor activist

Davood Ahmadloo – Political Activist

Daryoosh Pouyan – Political Activist

Eydi Nemati – Poet

Ebrahim Avakh – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Esmail Fatahi – Political Activist

Ehsan sabet – Political Activist

Ebrahim Pouyan – Political Activist

Esmail Moloudi – Left Political Activist – Former political prisoner

Ebrahim Pouyan – Political Activist

Ebrahim Rahmanian

Fariba Sabet: Political Activist – Former political prisoner – Women’s rights activist

Farhang Ghasemi: Human rights activist

Fatemeh Rezai: Human rights activist

Farshid Jasai: Political Activist

Farhad Besharat – Political Activist

Farokh Ghahremani  –  Political Activist – Former political prisoner

Firouzeh Rad

Forough Asadpour – Human rights activist

Fereydoon Shahni Arzani – Political Activist

Gholam Asgari Bakhtiari – Labor activist in Exil

Gisoo Shakeri – Artist and Women’s rights activist, Political Activist

Hasan Hesam: Poet – political analyst

Hamid Reza Rahimi: Poet and Humorist

Habib Riahi: Former political prisoner – Interpreter

Hossein Naghipoor: Journalist

Hajar Jahadifar

Hasan Azizi: political analyst and translator

Hossein Mahini – Cinematographer, photographer

Hasan Najebhashem: Human rights activist

Hamid Noshadi – Labor activist

Hossein Moghadam – Defender of Radical Worker Movement

Iraj Heydari – political analyst

Iraj Abshar – political analyst

Jasmin Meyzar – Professor of Science and Editorial Board of the Kritik Magazine

Jaleh Sahand – political analyst

Jalal Naderi: Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Jusef Abkhoon – Political Activist

Kambiz Gilani – Poet

Khosro Shahriari: Writer and theater director

  1. Alvand – political analyst

Keytash Shams – political analyst

Kaveh Dadgari – political analyst

Mohamad Asangaran – political analyst

Majid Moshajedi: Political Activist

Minoo Homayli: Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Mohamad Reza Rohani – Lawyer and Political Activist

Maziar Vahedi: Activist Defense of Nature

Manouchehr Taghavi Bayat: Labor activist

Marjam Mohseni: Labor activist

Masoud Foroozesh Rad: Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Maliheh Tirehgol – Poet and Writer

Morteza Afshari – Labor activist

Mohsen rezvani: Labor activist

Majid Darabeygi: Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Mahboobeh Meshkin

Maryam Amani  – Women’s rights activist, Political Activist

Mohamad ali Ghafari

Mina Akhgar

Mehrdad Ahangar – Political Activist

Mohamad Reza Hadipour – Asylum seeker and refugee

Mahmoud Ashoori – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Mohamad Taghi Seydahmadi – Former political prisoner –Labor Activist

Mohamad Mohebi

Mahmoud Asgari

Mojtaba Nazari – Political Activist

Nader Sani: Political Activist

Nasrin Ahmadi: Political Activist and Women’s rights activist

Neda Noavar: Human rights activist

Niki Mirzai: Poet – Political Activist

Nasrin Ebrahimzadeh – Political Activist and Women’s rights activist

Narges Alidoust Jalali

Narin Negin – Nutritionist

Omar Minai – Labor activist

Parvin Riahi: Women’s rights activist

Paviz Mirmokri: Poet

Parviz Davarpanah: Political Activist

Pirouz Zoorchang: Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Rafat Rabjbaran langeroudi: Political Activist

Reza Sepidroudi: Journalist – Political Activist

Reza Bishetab: Poet

Rasoul Shokati – Former political prisoner – Political Activist

Rahim Estakhri – Political Activist

Sirus Bina: Oil expert and professor at the University

Sahar Mohamadi – Lawyer and human rights activist

Sahar Saba – Labor activist

Sedigh Jahani: Labor activist

Siamak Jahanbakhsh: political analyst

Siamak Moayedzadeh: Labor activist

Siavosh Karsaz: Human rights activist

Said Behbahani – Media Activist and Mihan Television Manager

Salam Ziji – political analyst and Political Activist

Seyd Meysam Aghahosseini – Cartoonist

Soleyman Bayazidi – Writer and Poet, Political Activist

Said Mohamadi – Political Activist

Shervin Raha – Labor activist

Shahin Shabanian

Shahin Kazemi – Political Activist

Sadegh Kar – political analyst and Political Activist

Sadegh Nahoumi – Political Activist

Tahmineh Baghai

Taghi Rouzbeh: political analyst

Tofigh Mohamadi: Active and refugee rights

Vahid Mohamadi – Editor of the Paul Encyclopedia

Signed by organizations

Organization of working ( Rahe Kargar)

Association for Solidarity with Iranian Workers, Gothenburg

Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan

Gothenburg Iranian Refugee Association

International Festival of Exile-Sweden Cinema

Freedom of Thought and Expression Foundation

Anarchist Age Collection (Anarchists in Iran and Afghanistan)

Cultural-Social Society of Thought – Gothenburg / Sweden

Signed by sites and weblogs

Radio Payam Canada


Aleyhe Setam Jensi






Organization Rahe Kargar


Mihan TV


Hazl Dat Com


Gisoo Shakeri


Rangin Kaman


Asre Anarshism


Estrak WordPress






Sosialism Emrooz


Taghi Roozbeh




Reza Bi Shetab


Esmail Moloudi


Alborze Ma


Baz Afarini Vagheiat ha






آدرس و اسامی صفحات مرتبط با اتحادیه آنارشیستهای ایران و افغانستان

Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran, May 24, 2018

P.S:The possibility of joining new people and groups of anarchists will be permanent

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