Iran: New executions of homosexuals

24 آگوست اخبار روز

Ghavami Chahzanjiru Abdullah and Salman Ghanbari Chahzanjiri were hanged in southern Iran on August 6 dernier..Suivant authorities they were executed for “consensual sodomy”. Their death was dictated by the need for a “safer community ”
In Iran, where the age of majority is 15 years, homosexual relations between consenting adults are illegal and punishable by death
Two Iranian media tell the public executions of the two men allegedly held an esplanade in Shiraz, a city of 1.2 million people south of the country
One of them, the jonoubnews News (Persian) expressly says that executions were involved homosexuals. The online newspaper did not hesitate to publish a gallery of 29 photos of the hanging of two gay
Another source Dadfars (also in Persian), does not specify whether the “crimes” have to do with the fact that the two men were gay, but defines condemned as “wicked immoral” .This source ensures that they had been sentenced to death for “a backup safety of the community” and to reduce the suffering of victims
Their deaths is part of a wave of executions in Iran, which now stands at more than 400 since the beginning of 2014, according to the NGO Iran Human Rights
This year, a teenager, Makwan Mouloudzadeh, who confessed to having anal sex at age 13 was killed

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