Down With Egypt’s Protest Law

۳۰ خرداد اخبار روز

We are calling on you to undertake solidarity actions to help us oppose this crackdown

We are suggesting an International Day of Solidarity on June 21st

Events could include:

  • Actions targeting Egyptian Embassies or Consulates demanding the release of political prisoners and the removal of the Protest Law.
  • Actions targeting your government to end support for the Egyptian government
  • Demand the release of political prisoners.
  • Project videos about the repression we face and our continued resistance. Email us for links.
  • Any creative way to show your support, and to show the Egyptian people that they have allies abroad
  • Send us links and pictures to anything and everything you have.

Events confirmed so far:

Friday June 20th

Saturday June 21st

Derry [2.30pm at the Free Derry Wall ]
New York

If you are organising one, please send us a link

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